Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Boring Walk

Hoo-ray!  We had a boring walk.  Tibby wasn't reactive AT ALL.  Zero.  Zip.  She saw dogs that barked at her and she didn't bark at them or stare at them or lunge at them.  She saw men and she didn't growl or lunge or bark.  We just took a nice walk.  The dogs wrapped their leashes around me at every step, so it wasn't a fast walk, but what a nice boring walk.

Now the question is:  Was it because of the 1/2 tab of benadryl I gave Tibby at lunch time (6 hours before our walk) that made the difference?  Tibby has been having some itchies due to those stupid ticks that bit her last week.

"I had nothing to do with this mess."

"I'm just supervising."

"He did it."

"You're in trouble now.  I told on you."

Monday, October 29, 2012

Dhali's Height Chart

This is the height chart I started in Aug. for Dhali.  I marked Tibby's height and then every once in a while I mark Dhali's height.  Sometimes I just make him stand next to it to see if he has grown some more or if it is just my imagination.  I used an eye pencil, so some day I can wash it off.  
Dhali is almost as tall as Tibby!  But she is still bigger than him - lengthwise and bulk/muscle/substance.

Look at how much he grew from 9-28 to 10-28!  It's over an inch.  Or from 8-20 to 9-28?  A huge growth spurt!  According to this Tibby is exactly 16 inches.  That means Dhali is just slightly under 16 inches.  I'm thinking he might be taller than Tibby.  Of course, she shot up and then settled as she matured, so it's any one's guess!

Big Boy Dhali

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sailing Life

Fortune cookie wisdom for the day: "You can't change the direction of the winds, but you can adjust the sails.

Tibby is beautiful!

Not normal in her brain, but still beautiful.  I think I know why people think Tibby is a puppy and Dhali is an adult.  Dhali acts like an adult and Tibby acts like a big, silly puppy. .  .  in public.  At home she's a serious lady. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Franken Leg Day

The last few days have been busy.  We had a craft/bake sale at work on Friday.  I sold quite a lot of stuff, so yay!  I also bought quite a lot of stuff too.  :P

Here is my little spot in the craft sale.  I didn't have a great spot, but oh, well.  We each had 30 inches to display our things.  

Dhali thinks he is a cat now.  He's been able to do this for a few weeks now.  He just jumps.  Straight up and onto the top level.

I stuck him in the middle level, because it was funny and he doesn't care.

Today I took Dhali to an indoor agility trial for some socialization.  He did SO SO GOOD!  I was so happy with him.  It's very relaxing to take him places, because I don't have to be constantly managing the situation.  He sat and did tricks and watched me it the middle of everything going on around him.  He looked at dogs and people without lunging at them.  He saw dogs outside pottying and he didn't lunge at them.  He did not potty the entire time.  
Such a strange little guy.  I never had to worry about Tibby pottying.  She goes a lot and goes any where.  Any way, I'm tired after the 5 hour drive and I didn't actually DO anything.  Can's imagine how tired I would be if I actually ran a dog!
One funny thing he did, "There was a man standing next to us and he had a camera with the strap hanging down next to him.  Dhali tried to reach up and grab the strap!  But I caught him just in time.  He's pretty brave!

Now on to the franken leg.......Sooooo I wanted to pluck Dhali's ear hair last night and he didn't want me to.  He hasn't had a good ear plucking yet and he's getting bigger.  It won't get easier, so I drew a line last night - so ear fuzz was getting plucked.  Dhali ended up with one hair-less ear and I ended up with a little bit less skin.  He got my leg really good and little on my arm and one swipe on my face.  The leg is the worst.

Right after it happened.  Ow!  It hurts so much, but doesn't look too bad.

A couple hours later.  Ow!  Still hurts, looking worse.

Today.  Not looking so great and still hurts, but not too much.
Dog scratch fever?  I hope not.

It was a slightly traumatic experience, but apparently didn't do any lasting harm, because Dhali brought me his tug toy afterward and wanted to play for a long time.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dhali the Acrobat

No pictures of yesterday's adventure.  Of course, the one time I don't take my camera Dhali does something amazing. 
I left work early and took the dogs for a hike.  Note to self: End of Oct., while beautiful, is not a good time to go hiking.  Tick-splosion.  Yuk.  I picked a ton off of Tibby and a ton went down the drain when I gave Tibby and Dhali a bath.  I only found one crawling through Dhali's fur pre-bath, but I think some of his probably went down the drain.

It was still a nice hike.  We had the whole place to ourselves.  So we hiked a long way, because I wanted to get to the lake.  Tibby doesn't like water, but Dhali does!  We finally got to the lake and went down to the shore.  The lake was beautiful - completely still and glassy.  Dhali had fun ripping up and down the sand beach, jumping in and out of the water.  It was cold, but he still went wading up to his belly.  Tibby was willing to walk on the beach - which is a big difference.  She even had her tail up.
There is a branch that hangs out over the beach and over the water.  It was about 4 feet off of the sand.  I had to jump up a little to sit on it.  And it wiggled up and down when I sat on it and my fingers met when I wrapped my hands around it to measure it.  Anyway, there is a point to this story......

So, I'm sitting there watching Dhali run around.  Dhali sees me sitting there and comes running full speed, jumps up and lands perfectly on the branch.  He stands there looking around, walks up and down the narrow branch and then sits down and looks around and then jumps down and tears around the beach again.  OMG!  How did he do that?!  He is really not afraid of anything. 

Then he was running around in and out of a marshy area and instead of running underneath a big root sticking into the water.  He jumps right over it - like 4 feet high again!    

Water and sand really get him revved up.  He was a crazy puppy all the way back to the car.  Tibby did not appreciate his craziness, because it ends up with him trying to wrestle her and their leashes get all wrapped up.  Also, he bites her feet.  Stinker.

So they got baths and brushed and were beautiful.  Then Dhali went outside and came back in covered in stickers and mud.  Where does he keep finding these stickers!?!?!  Argh!

I noticed this morning that he is taller than my knee when he sits next to me.  He's getting so big! 

Dhali's First Snow!

The summer baby's first snow fall!  He thought it was fun and Tibby was happy to show him how to play in snow.  Weeeee!

The next three pictures are what happens when you call Dhali's name:

You get a little fur ball looking for his treat!

He has an AMAZING recall.  I want to keep it forever and ever!  I reward it a lot.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dhali's First Dog Park

We went to the dog park today.  It was Dhali's first visit.  He liked it a lot.  We had the whole place to ourselves.  Tibby had a nice time too, but Dhali had more fun - racing around and jumping.

He LOVES to jump.  His favorite thing is to run up behind you and jump on your back.  He jumps as high as my shoulders and uses me as a springboard to do a turn and then run away again.  Or sometimes he just jumps, jumps, jumps as you are walking.  He likes to get as close as he possibly can - trying to trip me?!  I'm sure this isn't good for his growing body, but other than keeping him on a leash (and he still does it then) I don't know how to stop him.  And he's having so much fun.  Such a silly puppy.  I do wish he would watch where he is landing though!

He finally got to run full speed in a big area and wow! he is so fast!  Tibby couldn't keep up or catch him.  He's like a little race car!

Treat Giveaway

We made some treats!  Want to win a bag?
Go here to our Etsy store KhyiKiyi.  On the right side above the price there are three boxes - either Tweet, Pin or Like our treats.  Then leave a comment with your email and I will have the eager taste testers (Dhali and Tibby) pick a winner on Oct. 30th.

"Give us treats!"

"Nom, nom, nom."
I was hoping for a cute picture of them waiting to eat them.  Um, yeah no.  Even Tibby who is usually rock solid on waiting for treats, was like, "Pffft, gimmy my treats!"

Dhali is sure if he sits very, very still more treats will appear.


"Where'r my treats?"

Monday, October 22, 2012

We Have A Shop!

Dhali and Tibby are exhausted from all the supervising they have been doing.  What have we been up to?  Well, check out our little shop KhyiKiyi  or read/see pictures of my projects here Dust Bath.
I should even have some grain-free dog biscuits in the shop by tomorrow!  They are cooling right now and the dogs are begging to be taste testers LOL!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Fortune Cookie wisdom for the day : "If you want people to like you, like yourself first."

Another thing dogs don't have a problem doing.  They don't even think about liking themselves - they just do it!  And until given a reason, they like everyone else.

Except of course, if you are a man and then Tibby doesn't like you no matter what LOL!  

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Come To Order

"The Meeting of the Bully Stick League will now come to order!"
Meeting business: Chew bully sticks.  Aaaand go!

Another successful meeting of the Bully Stick League.
Although they only last about 5 seconds before one of them tries to steal the other's stick and then it is game on!  Much chasing, barking (Dhali), growling (Dhali), squealing (Tibby!)  and paw pushing/smacking (Tibby).

How To Chase A Cat and Not Catch It