Friday, March 18, 2011

What's A Name?

There was a fun post over at Rescued Insanity today.  I think about names a lot.  My real name is not Catalina - you may have guessed that already!  Catalina is Catty's name.  My real name is unique and I don't like to use it on the internet for various reasons.  My Mom thought she was giving me a unique name that would be easy to pronounce.  It didn't really work out that way.  By the time I was 5 I had a little poem to tell people, so that they would know the proper pronunciation of my name.  Because of my name I learned very quickly to speak up for myself to adults!
The whole point: I think names are very important.  It took about 4 days to pick out Tibby's name.  I wanted something that was easy for people to understand and say, so that when I called to make an appointment the vet wouldn't ask, "How do you spell that again?" 
The funny thing is that people sometimes think Tibby's name is Tippy and that she is a boy.  They think she is a boy even when she is wearing a pink collar, leash and a dress! 
I also wanted something that could be shortened to 2 syllables and ended in a ee sound.  I read somewhere that it is easier for animals to understand words that end in an ee sound. 
So Tibby's name - Tibbit Tilver Tweed.  Tibbit is a palindrome.  There are 11 consonants and 6 vowels.  11 and 6 are important numbers to me (sorry! not gonna tell you why! *wink*).  There are 2 vowels in each name and there are 3 i's and 3 e's.  3 is my super, super favorite number.  Love 3.  Yeah I know.  I'm weird. 
Tibbit, because she is a Tibetan Terrier.  Tibet - Tibbet - Tibbit.  Tilver because she loves silver things and I didn't want to use silver, changed it to Tilver.  I thought about using the Tibetan word for silver or metal, but it's something like Nu' guug. 
Tweed?  I can't remember.  I think when I named Tansy, Tweed was one of the possible names and I liked it.
Ok so now:  Some of my animal's names.
Brownberry Nibulius Esquire
Frosty Face
Peaches n' Cream
Saveeta Saville McTavish
Beethoven Socks
Gatita Rosita Prisca
Tiberon Tigre Tito
Mossflower Rose (Ratty)
Catalina Esmeralda Grey
and Tibbit Tilver Tweed

I know there are more names, but I can't remember them.

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Sagira said...

I like Tibby's name. Very cute. :)