Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Unofficial Bone Test

I ordered a few things from Clean Run.  One thing was the cute coat Tibby is wearing.  Also, I ordered an antler, a steer stick, a wolverine and a Himalayan dog chew.  I let Tibby chose her favorite.  There was an obvious winner.

Even Catty knows which one is yummy.
"Hmmmmm, what a selection."

"*sniff* Well, don't mine if I do!"

"See ya suckers!"



"No really.  I licked it already.  It's mine!"

I am very happy with these 'steer sticks' (aka pizzle sticks, bully sticks) it kept Tibby busy for 30 mins straight!  Miracle!


Caren Gittleman said...

soooo cute!! I love how in many of the photos "Catty" is always by Tibby's side. You have some really gorgeous pets!

Do the bully sticks smell? I had heard that they do.

Cat Chat

Catalina said...

These were advertised as odorless, but there is still a smell to them. I guess if they didn't smell, dogs wouldn't like them as much LOL! They kind of smell like pork rinds? or something like that.

Caren Gittleman said...

Yes I am having a fake blonde moment! I meant that my friend had mentioned that bully sticks smell like something else! lol. A pork rind smell would be good! :)
Thanks so much! said...

I've seen antlers in the pet store and was curious about them - the price made me hold back. But if bully sticks are the winner (30 minutes!!!) then maybe those will be on my dog shopping list next.

Catalina said...

There wasn't much left after 30 mins! I think I would call the bully sticks a snack instead of a chew, because she basically just ate it. Still 30 mins is 30 mins!
Right now she is chewing on the antler. I like the antler, because they are naturally shed (so an animal didn't die for it), they don't smell or stain and they last forever.
She rotates between the Himilayan chew and the antler. The Himilayan chew smells a little like cheese.
I think the Wolverine freaks her out. She flips it around, but hasn't tried to chew on it yet.

Catalina said...

Well, the wolverine is the winner in my book. Tibby started chewing it at 11am and it is almost 3pm and she is STILL chewing it!
Thank goodness because it is nasty outside - rain,sleet,snow and wind.