Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Arrrr! Pirate Tibby

I was opening some packages on the living room floor and using a butter knife to slit the tape open.  I forgot that Tibby LOVES anything silver and I set the knife down for a second. 
I think this is the only picture I have where I have been able to catch Tibby in full stealing mode.

She has grabbed the booty and is making her escape.

"Knife?  What knife?  This is my tongue.  Bee, did you rat me out again!?!"

"Stay back!  I'm armed and dangerous!"

"OK, you got me, but just let me cut the couch up a little bit."

"Fine.  Here's your stupid knife.  I didn't want it anyway."


Hound Girl said...

OMG that is hilarious!! I laughed so hard at the captions for the pics!

Crystal said...

Well, if you decide to do competition obedience, you'll already have scent articles half-way trained!

Catalina said...

Yeah, but she'll run away with it!