Friday, December 31, 2010

December Rain

Pictures from yesterday's walk in the rain.  Not.  Normal.  It was about 34F and rained for 36 hours straight.  Rain on top of snow = ICE.  Lots and lots of ice.  It was a nice walk yesterday, because it was so warm and everything was melty and soft, but today we have snow on top of ice = no walk.  I don't want Tibby to cut her feet.

Look how wet Tibby is!  It was really not cold even though there is some snow on the ground.  I wanted to try out Tibby's new coat, but I also wanted to try out the Comfortflex harness.  The harness won.  It is nice!

There are ice houses out on the water past the bend in the shore.  There was also a guy on a 4 wheeler out there too.


After our walk I took Tibby home for a nice warm bath.  Then I combed all her fur out.  There was one mat on her neck.  I used Cowboy Magic detangler and it came out after I worked on it for a few minutes.

This is a tree that hangs over the lake in the summer, but now the snow is so high it looks like the tree is in the lake.

There is something in this spot that scares Tibby.  She gets very alert and barks/growls.  She never barks, so it freaks me out!  It happened last summer when we walked here and it happened again yesterday.  Maybe an animal lives here that she can smell?

This is a sledding hill.  Very steep, very icy and Tibby ran up and down it twice.
We were the only ones crazy enough to be walking around in the rain at the park.


Catalina said...

We just got back from a walk. There is enough snow on the ground to protect Tibby's feet. It was a slooooow walk, because I didn't want to fall down on the ice.

Caren Gittleman said...

Sometimes it is so pretty to walk in the rain...
It is unseasonably warm here in Michigan is actually near 50!!
I wonder what could be making Tibby growl? You are probably right that it is some type of animal...
Please tell me more about the Cowboy Detangler....I have a Sheltie who also is prone to mats and it sounds like something I should look into.

Kristin G. said...

Stay warm out there! It looks like Tibby had a good time. :)

CindyLu's Muse said...

What's with this crazy weather? lol Awesome photos - and really creepy about that "spot"! What is Cowboy Magic? Sure could use something that actually works for CL!
Happy (and soggy?) New Year!!

Catalina said...

Thanks for the comments!

Cowboy Magic is made for horses, but I heard about using it on the facebook Tibetan Terrier group. I ordered it online from Drs Foster and Smith. It is expensive, but it's concentrated. I use the conditioner and detangler on Tibby. I put the detangler in a spray bottle with a little water or just rub it full strength into a mat.

Caren Gittleman said...

you are most welcome!!

Thanks for the info! I subscribe to Dr Foster's newsletter so I will have to check that out.
Sounds like it would be great for Sheltie fur!

OscarBlogger said...

You have a great blog! Tibby is a very cute pup!

Catalina said...

Thank you Oscar!