Thursday, December 23, 2010

Goals For Jan. And A Video

These are my goals for Tibby's training in Jan.
1- Hopefully (fingers crossed we get in) take a Foundations agility class
2- Work on distance with 'Back Up'
3- Get 2 full circles with 'Spin'
4- Have Tibby offer 'High 5' on the right side (not just the left)
5- Get 4 feet on the box when the box is against a wall
6- Figure out 'Crawl' better
7 - Get all 4 feet in the bowl for 'Puppy In The Bowl'
8 - Continue to work on 'Come'
9 - Work on my own clicker skills - not too late/not too early/rewarding at the right time
10 - Try out a new trick- at least once a week.

Tricks I would like to teach Tibby in 2011: Jump into my arms, Leg lifts, Stand for exam, Roll over, Bow.

Here is a video I made today.  Things I learned from this: I click at the wrong time/too slow or for the wrong thing.  I missed a ton of clickable moments.  Tibby refused to do crawl.  We had just done it a bunch of times earlier, but she wasn't going to do it for the camera.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Looking good! Video is always helpful to see what you did wrong :)

I really like that you reset her when she seems to get stuck on something by having her spin. And I"m sure you know that you missed all those head movevements down to the dish! Even if my dogs had been doing great at it, if they get stuck I go back to clicking just interacting in some little way. And while I don't do a lot of luring my dogs anymore (I DO with dogs new to shaping though) I use the reward placement as a little lure. So if I click a look down at the bucket, I might give the treat in the bucket or so the dog has to lean over it or something.

For 4ft in a bowl it requires a lot of hindend awareness. I had better luck with Vito trying to get his 2 BACK feet in first and then gradually shape a front foot moving back in. I thought it was easier then getting 2 front feet in and then trying to get the back feet to come up. But every dog is different.

For crawl, I'm sure she will get it soon! Have you had her crawl under your legs at all? or you could try lure/shaping one by first rewarding stretching towards the treat, not even moving, while remaining in a down.

It really does look like you're doing great!

Catalina said...

Thanks for looking at my video!
It really does help me see all the things I'm missing :(
I've tried to get her to crawl underneath my legs,but it didn't work very well - I might try it again. Or from a down. If I try something with her and then give her a day or two to process it, it seems to be easier to do the next time.
Today she had all 4 feet in the bowl twice, but I think I'm going to go back to basics again, because she got scared when the bowl moved a little.
Thanks again for your input!

Caren Gittleman said...

This was a fabulous video! Your dog is sooo well trained!
I am surprised that no one mentioned your GORGEOUS cat watching the entire training session!
I thought that was priceless!
Loved the video!

Catalina said...

LOL! Yeah Catty's like, "Hmmmmm, very interesting and now put the treats in my bowl."

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Tibby is so cute! Really it's hard for me to watch for the tricks because I keep thinking how cute her little paws are, etc!

Ricky has had lots of trouble with the puppy in the bowl thing. We have tried it and then let it go for months and tried again, etc. and finally just now we are making progress. I had to find a bigger bowl and then as I am moving to smaller sizes, I start with the smaller one in the bigger one. And then go back whenever he gets stuck. Pretty funny, though, because he puts all 4 feet in and then tries to sit!

You guys are doing great and I am sure you'll learn all those tricks in 2011 and more!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on you you have accomplished and all you plan on accomplishing. I find actually marking out goals helps motivate me a lot more to actually go about accomplishing them. But it's been awhile. I should make a list like this as well. Thanks for the reminder.

Good luck and have fun!