Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fighting With Friends

Ruff and tumble play = ruff and tumble hair cut. 

Ellie went all border collie stalky on Zoe here.

"Look at my feet!"  How to judge fun - amount of dirt on dog's legs. 



Zoe, "Tiny legs don't fail me now!"
Tibby, "Run shorty!  Run!"

Someone adopt this awesome dog!  She's great!  Very sweet, very smart - loves to be with people! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ellie Almost Dock Diving!

Ellie fetching at the lake!  She had a lot of fun, even with the big waves. 

Tibby was not involved in this AT ALL - she doesn't DO unfiltered water LOL!!

At the Lake

We spent most of Sunday and some of Monday at the cabin.  Friends and family.  It was fun.  Beautiful weather!

Ellie/Squeakers likes watermelon.


Tibby likes posing on furniture.  If it's soft, it must be a Tibby bed.

Ellie didn't want to show off her superdog cape.  She was wet from swimming.

Tibby and me.  It was a windy day!

"Gimme treat?"

Tibby and Zoe played some zoomie games in the cabin.

Tibby enjoyed lunch!

And relaxing.

Ellie thought ice cubes were pretty tasty.

Zoe and her Mom napping.

Ellie's spot on the deck.  She just relaxed and watched everyone.

Fun day...makes for sleepy puppies! 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pick The Puppy's Name

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Help me pick the new puppy's name - Please!  It's so hard to choose a name.  I like ones that end in ee sounds - like Tibby.  So above are the names and below are where I got the name ideas from.

Dhali - like the Dalai Lama, but spelled differently.  Tibetan....Dalai Lama....Tibetan Terrier.  This is a name I've been thinking about since I got Tibby.  I thought of it a couple months after I named Tibby and have always wanted to use it, but....he's a boy.  And it sounds like Dolly.  Ironic or just mean?

Wickham/Wickie - I really like the movie Lost In Austen and my favorite character is Capt. Wickham....and it's a different name.  It's easy to say and spell for the vet - always another consideration.

Archer/Archie - Let's see....I use to be really big into archery...went to weekly club shoot nights...until Tibby arrived.  Something about sharp arrows and a puppy didn't seem like a great combo.  Also I like the show Monarch of the Glen and the main characters name is Archie.

Ghillie Dhu/Gilly -   Well, my heritage is Scottish and Ghillie Dhu (according to Wikipedia) means "dark haired lad".  You say it "Gilly Doo" - pronunciation here.  This was my Mom's favorite.  It's fun to say and it's different from Tibby, so hopefully they won't get confused.  Only draw back is spelling it for the vet and everyone else.

2K/TooKay - I'll let you figure out what this one is about ;) hint is it's slang.  This one isn't really at the top of my list....for some reason....LOL!

So please vote above!

Puppy Open House

Meet the new puppy!  So much personality!
Today I went to a puppy open house to meet the new member of our family.
It was so much fun!  So much cute puppiness!

This is Ch Shey Own's the Red Carpet
"Scarlet" the Momma dog.

And this is Ch. Shey's Smokin'
Diesel" the Daddy.  Oh my, I LOVE this dog!  I hope the puppy takes after his daddy.  Such a fun, happy, playful dog.  Seriously LOVE him - would take him home is a second LOL!!

Crazy, but still a lover boy.  Perfect!

The puppies - 5 boys, 1 girl. The girl is in the very center head pointing toward the top of the picture.  My boy is on the left - of the two pups playing with the toy.

Very relaxed.  Puppies are hard work!  She is very fine boned and delicate.

Ready for some fun!  Like opening the screen door - which he did!  Awesome dog :)

Sleepy.  We played with them and then they had a snack at the milk bar.  After that they all went to sleep.

Here he is!

He's so sweet!  He was giving me kisses!

I'm so glad I didn't have to choose.  I don't know how any one can choose between them!  They are all so perfect. 

I love his symmetry.

Teething!  He really liked my finger.


Playing with the camera cord.