Tuesday, June 26, 2012

At the Lake

We spent most of Sunday and some of Monday at the cabin.  Friends and family.  It was fun.  Beautiful weather!

Ellie/Squeakers likes watermelon.


Tibby likes posing on furniture.  If it's soft, it must be a Tibby bed.

Ellie didn't want to show off her superdog cape.  She was wet from swimming.

Tibby and me.  It was a windy day!

"Gimme treat?"

Tibby and Zoe played some zoomie games in the cabin.

Tibby enjoyed lunch!

And relaxing.

Ellie thought ice cubes were pretty tasty.

Zoe and her Mom napping.

Ellie's spot on the deck.  She just relaxed and watched everyone.

Fun day...makes for sleepy puppies! 

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What super fun

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