Thursday, June 21, 2012

Throw the Ball?

Ellie after her bath.  Ready to play some ball!

"Throw it!"  She is still a very quiet dog.  She's barked twice - as in 2 single barks.  They were both when Tibby was barking at the men working in my neighbors yard.

"I am cute!  Some one should adopt me!"

"I need a home that has balls."

"Yes!  Ball!"

"Nom, nom love you ball."

"Throw it.  Throw it."  I kept trying to take this picture and she kept following me to give me the ball. 

"Go inside?"

"Someone is sniffing my rear....."

We are off to Bark in the Park tonight.  If I survive there will be a post about it.  Hopefully someone falls in LoVe with Ellie! 

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