Monday, June 18, 2012

First Foster

So I found something to keep us busy! 
We're getting a foster puppy tomorrow!
Tibby doesn't know what's happening tomorrow, but I'm super excited!

I made this vest for the puppy, Ellie, to wear when we are out and about. 
It was really easy.  I can't sew anything, so I bought a hi-visibility vest (they're on clearance at this time of year) and ironed on some iron-on letters.  I tried to make the iron-on letters more difficult then they had to be, but eventually I figured out how to get the white paper backing off. :P

I also made up these info sheets to give to anyone that is interested in Ellie.  It has her picture and information about the rescue and details about Ellie.  It actually took me longer to figure out iron-on letters than it did to make these info sheets!  Sad.  I am not crafty!

She sounds and looks like a really sweet puppy!  So excited to play with her!
I'm trying to get everything ready before she comes, because I'm sure I will be busy playing with her when she gets here.

I'm going to try to have fun with her, take her to new places and find her a new family :)
I'm also looking forward to Tibby having fun playing with someone (about) her size and (about) her play level.  As in play all the time, any time, any where.
Fingers crossed that everything goes well!


scotsmad said...

Paws crossed! You've really planned well to help Ellie find her forever family! Well done.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Asta said...

youw Mom is a genoos besides being kind and genewoos
I will cwoss my paws that some kind hooman will want to adopt that sweet Ellie and give hew a loving fuwwevew home
smoochie kisses

Loretta Mueller said...

AWeSOME! A great project for you!!!!!

Kari in Vegas said...

Congrats on the new foster pup!!!!

Stop on by for a visit