Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tibby Rides the Bus

To get to the Walk for Animals today we had to ride a bus from the parking lot to the event.  Tibby did very well on the bus.  It was noisy and bumpy. 

Walk For Animals Pictures

Walk For Animals

Here are some pictures from the walk for animals today. 

These are the animals in line for the cutest pet.

Tibby watching everything.

*sniff sniff*

Pretty dog in a pretty coat.

So cute!

It was raining and raining.

Tibby just watching everything.

Little (wet) dachshund in a stroller.

This dog was on stage - watching.

I thought this was the cutest puppy!

Even a cat!

And a bunny.

Awww so sweet.

My Mom did some shopping and Tibby waited with me in the car.

Then Tibby slept in the backseat.

We Won A Contest!

Tibby and I had a fun day today.  Plus we won a contest! And we were interviewed for TV.
We went to a walk for animals and entered the Owner/Dog look a like contest. I never, ever thought we would win, even though I think I look like Tibby. We never win contests! Yes, I am proud to look like a dog - a cute dog like Tibby! It was pouring rain. So not a great day weather wise. Tibby was so good the entire time. There were 100's of dogs everywhere. She didn't lunge or pull or even bark. She sniffed a few rear ends, but that was about it. The funniest part was when I turned around and found her trying to sniff a Great Dane's butt. It was so funny! She was too short - I wish I had a picture of it. Too funny.  Tibby also rode on a bus - twice, but that adventure will be in a different post.

This is what we won.  Lots of stuff and $55 in gift cards!

Tibby thinks winning is yummy!

Friday, April 29, 2011

First Agility Trial

So yeah, today we went to our first agility trial - ever.  Just to watch, of course.  It was interesting.  Lots of standing around and waiting.  The people were nice.  I had like 10+ people come up to me and talk.  Or they just said what kind of dog is that? or cute dog.  It was nice.  I don't like going up to people that I don't know, so it was really nice that they said 'Hi'.  Yes, I am shy.
One guy asked if Tibby was a Cavalier King Charles.  There was a Cavalier running in the trial - it was like 1/4 Tibby's size.  I thought that was funny. 

At one point 2 women were telling me that 4-H has a great agility program that I should check out.  ???  I'm way too old for 4-H so I'm not sure what they meant.  I did bring a friend along with me that is younger than me, but not young enough to be my daughter .  I was confused. 
They also said I could take Tibby over the practice jump if I wanted to.  I said we haven't started jumping yet.  They seemed surprised. 

Tibby.....yeah.  She is very tired.  Loose leash walking is not her thing.  She enjoys lunging and jumping.  It was very windy today.  There were lots of tents flapping around, including the one we sat underneath.  It worried her a little at first, but she forgot about it eventually.  She was fine watching dogs do agility.  BUT when some dogs started barking she wanted to bark.  Normal.  Except Tibby's bark is not normal.  It is very high pitched.  Imagine you step on your dog's foot - that's how she barks.  And really, really, really loud. 
She also doesn't like it when other dogs get to play tug or fetch. 
She was able to do tricks and eat treats though.  Positive thinking.  She also jumped up on the skinny wooden bench and sat next to me when I asked her to. 
Mostly I tried to keep Tibby out of every one's way.  I didn't want her to distract the other dogs with her crazy behavior.

People seemed to think Tibby was cute though.  Yay.
I saw some people there that I recognized from their blogs.  Actually I recognized the dogs - Crackers and The Pup and The Dog.  There were some other people/dogs that looked familiar, but I wasn't sure.

I wish I could have asked someone: 'Is it Ok if we sit here?'  'Is it Ok that Tibby is barking?' 'How long does the walk through take?' 'What is this layout/series of obstacles called?' 'Is it Ok to talk to you or are you getting ready to run?' 

It was very, very cold and very, very, very windy.  We went hiking/geocaching after we left the trial site.  To calm Tibby down a little bit and warm ourselves up.  There are some very nice hiking trails and parks in St. Cloud.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Look Who's Turning One - Plus Contest Winner!

A puppy is a wonder
A precious gift to have
It's fun to hold and cuddle them
It's fun to watch them grow
To dress them up & show them off
To everyone you know
Cute as a bug, so fun to hug!
I loved you as a puppy, but now you are my (best) friend.

I can't believe that Tibby is a year old.  Wow!  When I look back on our time together (all 8 months), it is amazing how far we have come together.  Like the title of this blog say, "The fabulous fun and terrifying trials of raising a Tibetan Terrier".  So true.  There have been super high highs and soul crushing lows.  I haven't shared everything on the blog - I try to keep it positive.  Who wants to keep track of the bad things- right?
I will just say that Tibby never disappoints me, but humans to regularly.
Here are a few of the Highlights:
Tibby's First Day
If only I knew what I know now about training a puppy - I want to do it over again!
 Awww so cute. It was all new!  And only 5 months ago.
So cute! I had NO IDEA what I was doing!
Tibby Went To Work With Me -the second time I didn't post about the first time
Yes, MY bed.  Never thought I would be sleeping with a dog AND a cat.

Look how far we have come!
We have met a lot of wonderful people (and dogs) online.  It has been a fun ride.
Who knows what the next year will bring!

So, who won the Guess Tibby's Growth Contest? 
At her vet visit last week she was 22.6lbs and 42cm or 16.53 inches tall.
Laura was the closest with both of her guesses.
Yay Laura!  You win a prize package.
But wait.....there's more!
I have runners up prizes for everyone that entered.
So, if you entered the contest, please send your mailing info. to
 tibbysfriends at hotmail dot com

Cool Your Jets

Tibby and Zoe found the last snowbank (hopefully) in Minnesota.  I think Tibby found a good way to use the snow.

"Ah, nice and cool."

Don't worry

she is coming


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Super (stinky) Speed

Yesterday I showed you some pictures of Tibby rolling in deer poop during our hike on Monday.
I little known fact about deer poop: If properly applied it can give you super speed powers.

Zoe says, "sniff, sniff.  You don't smell any faster to me."

Tibby says, "Oh yeah!  What do you think now?!?"

Zoe, "Ok! Ok!  You are super fast!"

Here comes

the fastest

dog in the world!

And there she goes!