Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Super Stinky Hiking

More pictures from yesterday's hike.  I could have done laundry yesterday, but laundry can't make my puppy happy!  It was a good thing we went hiking when we did, because it started to rain later in the afternoon.

Postcard perfect.

We saw a TON of snakes.  They were everywhere.  One or the other of us was always jumping, because a snake had just moved underneath our feet on the path.  Good thing neither of us are afraid of snakes!
The pups didn't care about snakes.  They were on the look out for stinky stuff.

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!



Now this is a happy dog.  Tibby found some especially stinky POOP to roll in.  I think it was deer poop.  It was nasty.  But honestly she looks so happy!  I couldn't stop her.
Dog spa LOL!

Oh no you didn't!

"O yes I DID!"

Oh no!  Tibby!

"Ha ha ha!  I smell pretty!"

Pretty rotten.  Awww puppers. 
 Oh well, that's why I have water and soap at home. 
It was worth a ton of stinky poop to get that last happy picture of Tibby.

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scotsmad said...

Laundry can always wait when the great outdoors beckons.

Snakes, you're lucky, a snake here is a 98% chance of being poisonous.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella