Sunday, April 24, 2011

2nd Week of 2nd Lesson - Puppy/Tricks Class

What I said: "Fun 2 weeks!

Things I learned this week – 1 don’t try to train if you are very tired, it doesn’t work. I felt frustrated, Tibby could tell and she wasn’t impressed. Went to bed early and the next day we had awesome progress and FUN!
2 Don’t push Tibby too fast. We haven’t finished the tricks, but we have made a lot of progress. We are still only going counterclockwise on perch and right paw over left for crossed paws."

What Silvia said: "Yeap, those are very important lessons! It’s really no hurry to finish the tricks, you can always do that later. The important part is creating the right attitude and the bond."

I was kind of hoping for a few more ideas from Silvia, but maybe next week. She was very busy this weekend with a seminar.

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Schnauzer Days said...

We so enjoyed watching that video, you are so good at it! We're going to practise some more now having seen that! Dex & Louis x

Catalina said...

Thanks guys!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

For your 2o2o, work on varing positions more and make sure to not reward her for coming off the side. If you want to reward that in the beginning that's ok, but treat her so she eats the food while straight. You can also set up a little gate to prevent her from coming off, or put a little plunger at the end and teach her not to curl in before that.

For backing up, I think part of your problem is you are rewarding her while sitting. If she's sitting it's harder to keep backing up! Toss the treat to her, ideally between her legs so as she gets it she could take another step back.

I LOVE how you gave her that first treat on the perch work. Her head was to her shoulder and that encouraged more pivoting. You do it a few more times here and there and I think it's helping her get it faster.

You are really doing a fabulous job!!!

Catalina said...

Thanks for the tips :) I'll try to work on those things.