Monday, April 4, 2011

More Box Work With Catty's Help

Another video of box work. Will I ever get it right?

What I said, "Well, we went all day without training. Tonight Tibby started jumping in and out of her box, so I guess she was bored!
This is a video of me being calm. We had to go back a few steps. Just doing the smaller box and bowl. It’s a pretty boring video. Tibby was happy and she is still trying to get at her training toys, so that’s good. And a little feline competition doesn’t hurt."

What Silvia said, "Oh, you don’t need to be THAT calm and serious! I mean, try to not be pushy in order to get her attention, wait for her to offer the attention herself. Once she does, you can be more fun, especially for big steps forward, like for 4in! Reward that by also marking it with a voice, maybe getting up and do some playing or something. But yes, she is definitely offering things on her own now, very good!"

What a classmate, Laura, said, "Suggestion: Put the food in your hands, or at least in a container that you don’t have to look away from Tibby. You disconnect to get the cookies. Also, you need to give the reward quicker. There is alot of lag between the offering, click and treat. The cat is awesome!"

What Silvia said, "Good point! It’s important to be quick, especially if you are trying to get more action from the dog."

*sigh* I'm feeling like I will never get it right - frustrated and a little bit bored with the box.

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Loretta Mueller said...

Good on what Laura said, rewards that are instant are going to help her even more :) Keeping your pup focused and motivated!! If you find Tibby is getting distracted, decrease the amount of distractions in the environment (aka the kitty :) etc. I always tell my students, one of the best places to train is the bathroom! Small area, little to no distractions :)LOL And when she does something amazing, GET CRAZY with her! Good luck!