Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Super (stinky) Speed

Yesterday I showed you some pictures of Tibby rolling in deer poop during our hike on Monday.
I little known fact about deer poop: If properly applied it can give you super speed powers.

Zoe says, "sniff, sniff.  You don't smell any faster to me."

Tibby says, "Oh yeah!  What do you think now?!?"

Zoe, "Ok! Ok!  You are super fast!"

Here comes

the fastest

dog in the world!

And there she goes!


Schnauzer Days said...

Oh we did enjoy those photo's, you can't beat a good run. We like all types of stuff we find in the woods too, our favourite is foxes poo which if you roll in it really hard can make the whole house smell for days!! Dex & Lou x

Sagira said...

Stinky stuff = fun

Bokeh was rolling in goose poop yesterday at the park.