Sunday, April 17, 2011

Geocache Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year again......geocache time!
If you have never heard of geocaching - it's a scavenger hunt game using GPS.  People hide caches, post the coordinates online at and then other people download the coordinates and find the caches.  When a player finds the cache they sign a log inside the container and then post their find online in their profile.
Some caches have swag (toys, unique items, ect.) inside the caches.  For example, I have one cache with only pink items inside it.  I've had a lot of good feedback about it :)  One of my other caches is a 'scary' cache which involves a rubber brain, spiders and the finders have the option of taking a photo of themselves with a camera in the cache.  When the camera is full I develop the photos and post them under the cache listing.

My job as a cache hider involves making sure the cache stays in place, dry and topping up the swag periodically.
I think it's fun.  Tibby also likes geocaching, because we get to go hiking and look around in the woods a lot.

Today was my big spring cleaning cache day.  I went around, checked on all my caches and topped up the swag.  I also cleaned out the junk from the caches.  When a finder takes a piece of swag from the cache they are supposed to leave something in exchange.  I have a policy on all of my caches that people can just take something - they don't have to leave something in exchange, because it seems like most people leave junk.  I don't want to be checking all the time and throwing away junk, so it's easier for me if they just take something.

For example, I found a used candle, broken wooden toy, cotton ball, single playing card, broken plastic ring.

It's supposed to snow again tomorrow, but today is beautiful.  We are going out again as soon as I recharge the GPS. 

This is a traveler we found in one of my caches.  Travelers are items that people move from cache to cache.  The travelers collect miles and it's fun to see how far they have traveled.  I think this one is gross and creepy.  It's a little soft boy baby.  Tibby thought it was awesome.....all those different smells.  Surprisingly, it has been traveling since 2004 and started out in Missouri


Cooper and Lola said...

Love the baby doll toy..To cute

scotsmad said...

We have friends who go geocaching all the time. We don't have a GPS. You're very creative with the cache.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Catalina said...

You should try it with your friends sometime. It's a fun thing to do with dogs :)

Sagira said...

Sounds like fun. :)