Friday, April 1, 2011

Shopping Advice Needed

So I'm trying to decide what to order from Clean Run.  I need a DVD or 2 that will help with recalls and drive building.  These are the ones I'm trying to decide between, but I'm open to other ideas.   Crate Games, Really Reliable Recall, Making Reinforcement Fun or The Control Unleashed Games.  I can't decide!  I'm thinking the Crate Games and some of the Control Unleashed videos on demand. 

Also, toys.  I want to get one of those chasing toys on a rope.  Michelle suggested it at our lesson yesterday.  And I want to get a couple other toys - suggestions?  Something that Tibby would go crazy for.  She does't like anything hard.  Soft, squeaker, good for tugging and strong.  Something that I can use for a recall jackpot. 


scotsmad said...

Happy shopping!!!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Sagira said...

Do you already get the magazine?

Catalina said...

No, I don't get the magazine, but I like their stuff :)

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Do you really need help with recalls and drive building, or do you just need to actually work on it? That was a serious question. I've seen both Crate Games and RRR and while they are good videos with very important ideas, they are also on pretty basic stuff.

Please don't take that the wrong way, I'm just trying to say that you might be able to accomplish your goals without those very specific videos, because the topic is so narrow. Perhaps a more general foundational video might be of more help to you as it would recover a broad range of topics and yet still encourage you to focus on training more recalls and drive work.

K-Koira said...

One of the best toys for playing with many dogs is taking a lunge whip (yes, made for a horse). Tie a toy on the end (I use a tug toy normally). Play with it like a giant cat toy, the dog will chase the toy on the end like mad.

And yes, I've played this game with Tibetans before, and they loved loved loved it.

Catalina said...

Laura - Um, well it's hard to say, but Tibby thinks everything is more exciting than me. I made a list of her favorite 'cookies' - other people, other dogs, cardboard, tissues, hot dogs, cheese. I would be waaaay down at the end of the list. Catty is even above me!
She WILL run away and not come back, if she's given the opportunity.
Very true - I need to work on it.
She acts so different from day to day it's hard to tell what I need. Some days she's super excited to work and other days she just walks away.
Food rewards - doesn't matter. She will go without eating if she isn't in the mood.
Toy rewards - sometimes she is CRAZY for her toys, other days she won't even look at them.

I've started doing some of the games that we learned at our lesson yesterday. I think Tibby is getting the idea. At first when I would throw out a treat I would race her to the treat and if I beat her I would pretend to eat the treat. She figured it out pretty quickly and got a lot faster!
After I posted this I found some youtube videos of recall games. I tried a couple with Tibby. If we do them everyday, maybe I will get to move up on the cookie list. :)