Sunday, September 30, 2012

Take On My Honey Badger?

So you think your dog is a honey badger?  Well, watch this and then ask yourself would you want to take on a puppy like Dhali?

And yeah he totally is talking back to me!

Last Watermelon of the Summer

Dhali enjoying the last watermelon of the summer.  He likes watermelon a lot!

Jerky Lurky

Look what we got!

Dhali is very helpful!  He's looking for the bully sticks.  We got 100 of them!  That should last us for a little while.

"I smell you bully sticks!  Where are you?"

And something very strange came in our order.  I ordered 3 bags of chicken jerky.  Tibby loves it and it's made in the USA, so safe unlike the China stuff we can buy in town. of our bags was OPENED.  And half of the jerky was missing.  So weird.  I have never had a problem with Best Bully Sticks before and this is so strange.  Did someone in the factory get hungry and decide to snack on the jerky???

I email Best Bully Sticks and they said they will send me a replacement bag and a mailing label to send back the opened bag.

So weird.

Got Junk Mail?

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Manners MONSTER!

Ooooo it's the manners minder MONSTER!!! RUN! Dhali was so funny the first time I introduced him to the manners minder. He was like, "What the #&@*! is THAT!! It beeps and is weird! I don't like it!" Tibby was like, "Shut up. It's putting out kibble, but if you wait long enough chicken will come out of it too." Dhali love the MM now - he asks to play with it all the time, but it sure was funny to see him the first day LOL! Just for comparison below is a video from last year (Oct. 2011) when I bought the MM. Tibby is totally fine with the MM. Isn't it funny how my dogs are complete opposites, but they are the same breed? And remember Tibby is the dog with very low food drive and Dhali is the chowhound.

Little Red Ball

This was the first time Dhali ever squeaked this little ball. Then he wouldn't stop!

Tricks, Play and 2o2o

Two videos from last Monday.  First Dhali's first time trying to learn 2o2o.  Also in the middle there is a quick little bit of the new trick I taught him.  I point at a foot and he lifts it.  I LOVE how he doesn't get frustrated and give up - he just keeps on trying!  Even when he stops and barks at me, then he will come back and try again.  Usually after a bark break something clicks and he'll do whatever I'm asking for.   This week the foot trick has progressed to a full wave with both feet and next I want to try to get him to drum - he's done it a couple times by accident.  Also his sit up is getting better.
Tibby has been watching him learn this foot trick and now she tries to offer it too :P  They're smart.

2nd video is of us playing with a roll of painter's tape.  He likes to chase it and tug on it.  It was the first thing I could get him to chase and bring back when he was a puppy.  It rolls really nicely and fast, which he likes.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Snugga Wugga My Heart

Dhali is turning into such a good cuddle baby.  We have a new routine (when I want to sleep in).  Tibby wakes me up at exactly 2:34am to go outside.  Then at 6:15 exactly, every single day, Dhali wakes me up to go outside.  Then, if I want to sleep in, I leave the back door open (shhh, don't tell the robbers!) and let Dhali have free range to run around in the house or go outside.  Does this make me a bad pet parent?  Maybe.  But after several weeks of only 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night, I had to do something.

It works.  I get to sleep and Dhali doesn't go outside by himself or get into any mischief.  Instead he snuggles with me!  He cuddles up with his head on my arm and looks like a little lima bean tucked against my chest.  Soooo sweet.  And he sleeps there!  He slept there for 2 hours this morning.  He may have slept there longer, but Tibby came up and not so gently flopped on top of him.  He wiggled out from underneath her and snuggled into my back instead.  I think she may be a tiny bit jealous.   

It is SO nice to have a dog that likes to be petted and snuggled.  Tibby gets huffy and leaves if I touch her when she's sleeping.  It's ok if she lays on top of me, BUT I am NOT allowed to move or she will get upset and leave.  Sometimes she will snuggle on the couch, but again I am not allowed to pet her or cuddle her.  She just gets to lay on me.  Rules!  She's got 'em!

Dhali likes to be petted.  He actually pushes into your hand like a cat.  This morning he was snuggling and I played with his ears, paws and teeth - he was totally relaxed.  Such a good puppy!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bigger And An Outbreak

Dhali is now too big to walk underneath Tibby.  He got stuck tonight!
Awww, he's been walking and running underneath her since the night I brought him home.  Sad he's getting so big.

Also, there is a Parvo outbreak in my town.  Several dogs and cats have died and the local shelter is closed to the public.  Dhali needs to go in for his parvo booster.  I was hoping to find a new vet, but now we will just have to go to the old vet and get his booster.  Ugh!  What if he gets parvo from going to the vet?  I always worry about my pets picking up something from the vet's office.  The newspaper this morning said to avoid locations with other dogs.  

Peeing On Your Beach

Oh, yeeeeah Dhali is peeing on the beach.  We took a walk today and it wasn't horrible, so I think we will try it again tomorrow, maybe.  It was Tibby AND Dhali on the walk, so it was not a fast walk!  They sniffed everything and got their leashes all tangled up a million times.  We saw too many things for me to list them all.  Just imagine a lot of city noise - cars, kids, people, dogs plus a football and soccer game.  

Tibby didn't ever have a full blown reactive outburst (like she did last week when we were hiking *sigh*).  At almost the very end of our walk there was a woman with a tiny little dog walking toward us.  I tried to walk faster than the lady, so that we could turn off the sidewalk onto our street and go home.  Unfortunately, they also turned off and followed behind us!  Tibby jumped around on the end of her leash, but at least she didn't roar at the woman and dog.  People get so insulted when she does that.

Tibby was able to walk past lawn signs, which used to be a huge scary thing to her.  She also didn't mind when a guy walked about a block behind us.  She did growl at a teenager, but I'll give her that one.  The teenager had bad/threatening body language - walking straight at us across a street and staring (not in a friendly way - in a rude way).  She's allowed to growl at those weirdos.

"Hold still!"

Monday, September 24, 2012

Bite Me In The

Trying 4 feet in a smaller box. This has to be the funniest video of the three. Going to a smaller box didn't go quite how I'd planned LOL! Tibby was being super distracting chasing a mouse or ground squirrel in the bushes, but Dhali stayed with me :) I like to release them to play with each other and then call Dhali back out of play, because he wants to play with Tibby and better I should say when it happens then he just decides to run off - which would make me sad. Tibby pretends like she is not interested in training AT ALL and then tries to distract Dhali and get him to play with her. Not helpful Tibby!! And yeah I could put her away, but he has to learn to work with distractions around eventually.

 Practicing back up. I don't think Dhali needs the wire chute I made, but it helps me to focus on where he's going. Strange, but before I made the chute we weren't making very much progress, but now I think he's getting it!


  Dhali thought it would be fun to bite me in the a**! Really? Perfect timing too little guy *rolling eyes* right before I head out for a Friday night with the girls. I patched it up with duct tape - on the inside of my jeans! And no one even knew it had happened :) Yay for duct tape.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

What A Helper


"I'm ready for the pre-rinse lick cycle."

Lazy Deck

The deck is a very popular hang out spot.  And the deck bed is the spot to have.  Notice Dhali has the bed.  Doesn't look like he's going to share either.

These first 2 pictures are from last Sunday.  

This one is from the week before that.

And this one is from the 12th!  So behind on picture posting!

Dhali was enjoying a frozen pupsicle on the deck.  Now that it's so much colder he isn't as interested in pupsicles. We'll have to wait until next summer, I guess.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Not sure if I say this enough *wink*, but Dhali is Mr. Super-Awesome-pup.  He is so much fun. 

 Remember this spring when we took that seminar with Daisy Peel and she said Tibby was a party girl?  So wrong, so very, very wrong.  Tibby is a rule maker and rule enforcer.  Things that do not fit in Tibby's set of boxes must get away!  Far, far away!

Now if someone told me Dhali was a party boy I would say, "Ya, duh!"  

He plays with toys.  He likes to tug.  He brings the tug back to me, because???  OH I'm fun!  Wow.  Simple things that make me so, so, so happy. 

  He did tunnels and tugging and running and fetching balls.  He ran until his little tongue was hanging out of the side of his tiny mouth.  And he still wanted more.  He wanted more PLAYING WITH ME.  What?!?   But I said, "No.  We have to leave you wanting more.  Don't want to burn you out."  So he bounced off of the walls, couch, ran around barking, dug in the toy box.  Finally I gave in, "Ok a little more playing won't hurt.  In fact it might save the house from being torn apart!"  More fetching and now he is content to chew on a nice bully stick.

One of my biggest, important things that I worked on when he was little(er) was fetching.  I think it has payed off :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fortune Cookie

"There is nothing final about a mistake, except its being taken as final."

Hmmm, deep thinking from the cookie.

Tibetan Tuesday!

I wish this photo was centered.  And the leaf?  

Monday, September 17, 2012

Beach Baby

I took Dhali and Tibby to the beach at the cabin today.  I was trying to find a calm day, so the waves wouldn't be big and loud.  Tibby is scared of the lake/waves/wind/leaves.  She came out for a while, but she wasn't having very much fun, so I let her wait inside while I played with Dhali.  She did actually come down on to the beach, which is a big change for her.  Before she wouldn't even some down the first step to the beach.

Dhali and I had a lot of fun playing.  We learned a new trick too!  Well, sort of.  Dhali jumps and I catch him!  And I even caught it on video!  He did it a bunch more times, but I edited down the video, so it wouldn't be too long.  There are also a lot of misses in the video LOL!  Sorry Dal-baby.

"Mommy, is the water scary?"

"I'll just stay here for a while."

Instead of going yesterday when it was 80 degrees, I went to day when it was 50 degrees!  It was cold!

Dhali likes to dig holes in the sand!  And eat sand....we had a talk about that.  Apparently sand doesn't agree with him, so he stopped doing it pretty quickly.  Throwing up sand - ouch.

Sandy nose!


He found this black walnut and thought it was his precious.  And then I threw it in the water.....and I had to go get it.

He was doing a cute head tilt, but I missed it!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Snaps

Sweet 'lil boy

Tibby is always elegant.

original picture

2 of a kind :)


Dhali wrestling with Tibby.  This goes on all day and all night!  Crazy puppies!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dhali Playing

Awwww remember when Dhali was sooo little??? I can't believe how fast the time is going by! He's so much bigger now! But still just as busy :)


I have a bunch of cute videos of Dhali that I forgot to post!

Here is one when he got the hiccups.  He gets the hiccups a lot.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Beautiful Babies

I've got a couple of beautiful babies.  
This picture is amazing when you remember that Dhali doesn't have a stay/wait/don't move!  command.  I think he's just used to the camera in his face.

Tibby's wait is rock solid.  On this hike I considered tying Dhali to Tibby, just to get him to stay put!!  But it turns out I didn't have to :)

Below is the original picture before I sent it through the time machine adjuster thingy. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

16 Weeks, 2 Days

Today Dhali is officially the same age as Tibby was when I brought her home.  16 weeks, 2 days old.
Tibby was a good looking puppy!  She was so soft and pretty.
It's hard for me to tell, but I think Dhali is bigger than Tibby was at this age, just going by the toy.  Although, the toy lost some of its stuffing when Tibby ripped out most of the seams.  That's a big difference between the two pups.  Tibby is a toy ripper, even to this day, and Dhali, so far, hasn't shown any interest in ripping up toys.....maybe because that would require him to stop and sit still for a few seconds!

Tibby August 2010

Dhali Sept. 2012

Their coats are SO different.  It's really interesting to see.  Yes, Dhali's 'white' feet are perpetually tan, because he has started a nice collection of holes in the backyard.  Plus he jumps in and out of his little pool between digging frenzies.  Dirt + water = tan feeties.  

At this point in Tibby's life, 16 weeks, 2 days she was starting at zero.  Zero socialization, human interaction, play, training, seeing the world.
And Dhali has 2 months of seeing everything and doing everything he possibly can do (at hyper speed :P).

He is a sweet little guy.
When he gets scared, for example a strange cat was hissing at him, he runs over to me for a little cuddle and then goes back to explore the 'scary' thing.  Sometimes it takes a few back and forth cuddles/exploring before he's brave enough to try and play with whatever it is, but he always eventually tries to play with everything LOL!  I love when he wants to cuddle - so sweet :)

Bonus 16 weeks picture.  He always looks so serious!  And he is the least serious dog EVER.