Saturday, September 29, 2012

Manners MONSTER!

Ooooo it's the manners minder MONSTER!!! RUN! Dhali was so funny the first time I introduced him to the manners minder. He was like, "What the #&@*! is THAT!! It beeps and is weird! I don't like it!" Tibby was like, "Shut up. It's putting out kibble, but if you wait long enough chicken will come out of it too." Dhali love the MM now - he asks to play with it all the time, but it sure was funny to see him the first day LOL! Just for comparison below is a video from last year (Oct. 2011) when I bought the MM. Tibby is totally fine with the MM. Isn't it funny how my dogs are complete opposites, but they are the same breed? And remember Tibby is the dog with very low food drive and Dhali is the chowhound.

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