Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Not sure if I say this enough *wink*, but Dhali is Mr. Super-Awesome-pup.  He is so much fun. 

 Remember this spring when we took that seminar with Daisy Peel and she said Tibby was a party girl?  So wrong, so very, very wrong.  Tibby is a rule maker and rule enforcer.  Things that do not fit in Tibby's set of boxes must get away!  Far, far away!

Now if someone told me Dhali was a party boy I would say, "Ya, duh!"  

He plays with toys.  He likes to tug.  He brings the tug back to me, because???  OH I'm fun!  Wow.  Simple things that make me so, so, so happy. 

  He did tunnels and tugging and running and fetching balls.  He ran until his little tongue was hanging out of the side of his tiny mouth.  And he still wanted more.  He wanted more PLAYING WITH ME.  What?!?   But I said, "No.  We have to leave you wanting more.  Don't want to burn you out."  So he bounced off of the walls, couch, ran around barking, dug in the toy box.  Finally I gave in, "Ok a little more playing won't hurt.  In fact it might save the house from being torn apart!"  More fetching and now he is content to chew on a nice bully stick.

One of my biggest, important things that I worked on when he was little(er) was fetching.  I think it has payed off :)


Helen said...

Cute picture!!! Yes, fetching and tugging will come in very handy as rewards for agility.

James said...

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Diana said...

What a fun puppy. Im glad your have a good time with him.