Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another Week

My Grandma has been in the hospital since Tuesday, so Dhali has been crated more than usual.  He told me loud and clear last night (no sleeping for anyone) that this was NOT ACCEPTABLE.  Today after work I took Tibby and Dhali for a nice long FAST hike.  He had lots of fun!  But that wasn't enough to tire out the little energy bunny.  When we got home he ran around, bit me AGAIN and played with me and Tibby.  There is a picture at the end of this post of the bite on my leg.  It hurt!  Little butt just ran up to me and bit me on the leg!

It was nice to get out and hike again.  Now that summer is over and the crowds are gone I hope that we can get out and do more hiking.  My Grandma was diagnosed with metastatic cancer today, but she's really cheerful about it.  She's 89 and isn't in pain or uncomfortable.  She is able to walk and enjoys everything.  Surgery isn't an option - she just wants to live the rest of her life, however long that is.  
So, I have been spending a lot of time visiting with my Grandma in the hospital.  I stop in her room every chance that I get during the day (I work in the hosp.) and just check on her, say hi, get things for her.  Then after work I have been sitting with her for an hour or 2 also.
So, today some visitors came to see her and my Mom was also there.  My Grandma tells her friends that I haven't come to visit her at all!!  That she hasn't seen me in a long time.  I had just been in her room 20 mins. earlier to tuck her in and show her how the TV worked!  She's not senile, she's just my Grandma.  LOL!  Maybe you would have to know her to understand.

I love all these pictures, but this one is funny!  Speedy Tibby, bright toy and pouncing Dhali.

The ultimate photo bomb.  I was taking a nice picture of Tibby and then bam! Dhali smacked her in the face.

"Iz pertending to be shi."

Artsy?  Waving Tibby strands over orange ball.

"Dis is so 'evey.  I brot it baks, I 'op you lik to kep it now.  Why you trow it away all da time?"

Ah!  Snappy!

Tibby laughing at Dhali.

Nice hair Tibby!

I think (sometimes) Tibby likes Dhali - just a little bit!  :)

Ow!  Little bugger bit me!  It's purple/black now.  

So Dhali is having fun growing up and being a puppy.  I'm trying to learn about Premack - it doesn't seem to work with Tibby if I say "go sniff", but if deer cross the path it works in a really big way.  Weeeee!  Fun!  We chased deer - stop - look at Mom - chase deer!  Not sure if she made the connection, but I did!  :P


scotsmad said...

Good for Dahli...not the biting part...but the letting you know things are not RIGHT.

And good for Grandma....

Hope she can enjoy each minute she has remaining.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Catherine Anne said...

wow thats a real bite! Nanook's never bitten me as such, it's always just scratches he left with those razor teeth. glad to hear dhali's getting on well!

Loretta Mueller said...

I'm sorry about your grandma :-( That's tough :-(

Dhali I swear grows a TON each time I see him!!!!!!! It's INSANE!!!

And Miss Tibby...she cracks me UP! :)

Helen said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandma. Nice though, that you can see her often. My Mum is in a nursing home, a day's drive from my place, I only get to see her twice a year.

Glad Dhali and Tibby sort of get along.