Monday, September 3, 2012

First Time Away and Ice Cream

I picked Dhali and Tibby up from their overnight stay tonight.  It was Dhali's first time staying away from home.  I think it will be their first and last time at this place.  I don't want to say where it was, because it is a very nice place and if it's what you like then you would be very happy, but for my dogs it wasn't a perfect fit. I just like Woof Dah better.
Yeah, there are a lot of dogs running around at Woof Dah, but it works better for Tibby (have to see for Dhali).
Unfortunately they don't take un-neutered dogs or dogs under 15lbs, so Dhali has some growing to do before he can try Woof Dah out.

If I'm going to pay $255 for 35 hours of care then I want someone to be with them 24/7 (like they are at Woof Dah).
For $255 I want them to have more than 4 hours of playtime.
For $255 I want a report card.
For $255 I want some pictures and I want to watch them on a web cam.

At Woof Dah I know that I can always see what they are doing during the day and I know that someone is watching them at night (sleeping with them).
They get to play 24/7.
Tibby has never gotten in the car, after a visit to Woof Dah, and whined for 30 mins.  When we stopped both dogs had to poop really, really bad.  I think they had been in their 'suite' waiting to be let out to potty.  Usually Tibby gets in the car, rolls onto her back and goes to sleep for a couple days.  Tonight both dogs were wound up, bouncing - until they collapsed after a little while at home.

In an ideal world I could find someone to stay at my house and take care of them.  $255 for 35 hours - anyone interested????  :P

It can all be fixed with a little ice cream!  We stopped for a snack on the way home and Dhali had his first ice cream :)  Here was the post last year about Tibby's first ice cream.  Same Culver's and everything LOL!  Dhali and Tibby say they will be Culver's spokes dogs ANYTIME.


"Hello!  My name is Moe! justkidding!"

And a video of the ice creaminess.  They were very well behaved and shared like good doggies.  It was a really busy parking lot and Tibby did a good job of being relaxed.  I think she has finally figured out the crate is a safe place.


Charlene and Storm said...

hi guys glad you enjoyed your icecream, you should try rice pudding now my stormy is wild about that stuff xxx

Charlene and Stormy

Diana said...

puppies sure grow up fast. Wow that was an expensive place to stay for 2 days and two dogs.

Helen said...

I'll have to try Beckett and Keltic with ice cream. They've never had it because Tucker was lactose intolerant so it was just easier not to give any of them ice cream.

Looks like Dhali sure liked his!!!

Catalina said...

I know for sure that my dogs won't be going back to that place for boarding. I finally unpacked Dhali and Tibby's bag and found another dog's food in it. Hope that dog didn't go hungry!

I sorry but, that is really poor care. If you can't keep something simple like different packaged foods apart then how can you keep medications straight?