Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jerky Lurky

Look what we got!

Dhali is very helpful!  He's looking for the bully sticks.  We got 100 of them!  That should last us for a little while.

"I smell you bully sticks!  Where are you?"

And something very strange came in our order.  I ordered 3 bags of chicken jerky.  Tibby loves it and it's made in the USA, so safe unlike the China stuff we can buy in town. of our bags was OPENED.  And half of the jerky was missing.  So weird.  I have never had a problem with Best Bully Sticks before and this is so strange.  Did someone in the factory get hungry and decide to snack on the jerky???

I email Best Bully Sticks and they said they will send me a replacement bag and a mailing label to send back the opened bag.

So weird.


Helen said...

You sure Dhali didn't just get in there and help himself, LOL.

Catalina said...

LOL! Maybe if he grew thumbs!