Sunday, September 2, 2012

Crate, Grapes and Legs

These are the last pictures of Dhali in his x-pen.  He graduated to a big crate this week.  He mostly slept in the x-pen any way - didn't use it for playing in.  It was taking up a lot of room in the house too.

And I realized that he needed to start learning door manners.  I think the open/closed - yes/no of a crate door is clearer for Dhali.  Rather than the x-pen with all its clips to un-hook.

I think it will be fun to take a picture with him next to this tug toy when he is older.

Dhail standing, front feet on a rock, getting a drink.

Not a great picture, but it shows how long his legs are getting.  He's really shooting up.  Long and leggy.

Patrolling the x-pen fence around the grapes.  Dhali likes grapes.  Grapes are bad for dogs.  I can't seem to explain that to Dhali!  Even with this fence and careful watching he finds one or two out in the grass.  Birds dropping them?  I find grape seeds in his poop, otherwise I wouldn't know he was eating them.

Very persistent.  Digging.  Pushing.  


"I iz sneeky grape eater.  hee hee!"

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Charlene and Storm said...

LOL!!! Dhali you sneaky little grape eater you xxx