Thursday, September 27, 2012

Peeing On Your Beach

Oh, yeeeeah Dhali is peeing on the beach.  We took a walk today and it wasn't horrible, so I think we will try it again tomorrow, maybe.  It was Tibby AND Dhali on the walk, so it was not a fast walk!  They sniffed everything and got their leashes all tangled up a million times.  We saw too many things for me to list them all.  Just imagine a lot of city noise - cars, kids, people, dogs plus a football and soccer game.  

Tibby didn't ever have a full blown reactive outburst (like she did last week when we were hiking *sigh*).  At almost the very end of our walk there was a woman with a tiny little dog walking toward us.  I tried to walk faster than the lady, so that we could turn off the sidewalk onto our street and go home.  Unfortunately, they also turned off and followed behind us!  Tibby jumped around on the end of her leash, but at least she didn't roar at the woman and dog.  People get so insulted when she does that.

Tibby was able to walk past lawn signs, which used to be a huge scary thing to her.  She also didn't mind when a guy walked about a block behind us.  She did growl at a teenager, but I'll give her that one.  The teenager had bad/threatening body language - walking straight at us across a street and staring (not in a friendly way - in a rude way).  She's allowed to growl at those weirdos.

"Hold still!"

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