Monday, September 10, 2012

Dhali's Tour of Dogs

I took Dhali to Pot Hole Day yesterday, Saturday.   It was fun.  At first, he was very nervous, but he perked up and had a good day.  It would be very over whelming for a puppy.  Tons of people, screaming kids, gunshots, lots of dogs, yummy smells.  The gunshots didn't bother Dhali at all.  I'm not sure that he even noticed them.  I did avoid the black powder range and getting too near the rifle range, but the sound was all around - bb range, starters pistols for the slough dog trials, plinko game LOL!  We left right before the trick shotgun show.  They were doing a warm up and I couldn't stand the noise.  Very loud! 

The first thing we did was head to the food tent.  I think this was a good move, because then Dhali had a chance to sit and look around, take it all in and get use to it.  He was very happy to find all the 'snacks' people had dropped underneath the table!  

Funny thing one: Dhali saw a display of deer heads and growled at them.  It was really cute.  Puppy growls :)

Not so funny thing:  a guy bent over to pet Dhali and the man's iphone fell out of his pocket and the screen smashed into a million pieces.  Sorry stranger about the phone!

Just to give you a tiny idea of the noise level.  This is when we first got to the tent.  I wish I'd done one later when he was all cocky and jumping around.  He's pretty cute when he thinks he's hot stuff.

There were kids EVERYWHERE.  And dogs too.  There were dogs sitting all around us.

Chilling underneath the table.  He was laying completely flat, but of course moved when I took a picture!  Completely flat is his 'This place is ok.' body language.

2 week old lab pups.

There were lots and lots of labs at Pot Hole Day.  Dhali was one of the few 'not real' dogs.  You know, 'cause "real" dogs are hunting dogs :P  
Everyone thinks he's a full grown Lhasa Apso and no one knows what a Tibetan Terrier is.  I think I might start saying that he's a Tibetan Mountain Dog.  Technically true and easier for me to say.  I must have trouble with the terrier part....or the Tibetan part.  One woman thought Dhali was a Button Terrier.  Cute as a button!

There was dock diving, but we only saw one dog try the dock diving and it skipped the diving part - just walked into the water!

It was $2 to do the dock diving.

"Welcome!  My name is Dhali and I will be your tour guide for the Tour of Dogs.  Please watch out for leaping Labradors."

The one dock diving dog.

In the middle of everything there was this little squirrel eating bird seed.

Dhali thought this bridge was amazing - something smelled REALLY good in these rocks.  I think there was a burrow or some animal or something.

Dogs and kids and deer (you'll see)

Deer!  There was a display of live deer.  They are captive deer kept for their urine.  It's actually the females' urine that they collect.  They are bottle fed and very tame.  Beautiful animals.  I didn't know that deer only live 7 years - even in captivity.  There was a lot of information and you could tell that the deer were complete pets.  They roam on several hundred acres and star in documentaries.

I swear he was posing for the camera.

Leaping Labrador #1

Leaping Labrador #2

Tibby was waiting at home.   She wouldn't have liked the gunshots or the little kids screaming.

"Come on in!"

Bonus pictures, because blogger is messed up and I don't want to fix it - too tired.


Loretta Mueller said...

What a crazy day of socialization for the D-man!! So glad he took it all in stride!!!! What a great pup!

Smart move leaving Tibby at home, she was probably MUCH happier there! :)

LOVE all the pictures!

Catalina said...

Yup it was a fun day :) Funny that you called him, D-Man, cause that's his dad's nickname too!