Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Look At Us, Growing Up

We had agility class again tonight.  Tibby rode in her crate all the way there and all the way home again.  First time ever!  She was such a good girl.  Any one know how to make a crate stop rattling?  After 2 1/2 hours of driving over bumpy roads, Tibby and I are both very over the whole rattling crate thing.  In desperation I stuffed poop bags (new & not used) into all the places I thought were shaking.  It helped, but when the roads are rough like a plowed field, you need more than poop bag insulation.  There are 2 doors, so lots of rattling. 

Well, I had a lot planned to say, but now I'm really tired.  Driving, class, driving.  Make me tired. 

Tibby was great, as usual!  The video is of our "worst" run.  I messed up at the tunnel and didn't connect with Tibby when she was coming out of the tunnel.  I was also too far forward, past the plane of the jump.  This is why it is important to video tape.  But we did a rear cross!!!  Did you see it???  Right before the tunnel.  Our FIRST successful rear cross!!!  I have been doing some foundation games for rear crosses with Tibby, so maybe that helped?  It felt really good.  I like rear crossed too.  I threw in a front cross on one of our other runs,  it was nice too.  I really like front crosses. 

The instructor is having everyone run with their dog on the left side, because they have all done a lot of obedience (with her).  I think the crosses I added made the sequences a lot easier to run.  We had a good time!  The instructor says some funny things to her students, but she lets me do what I want and as long as she doesn't try to tell me what to do.....we'll get along fine :)

One thing is super sad.  There is a dog in the class that has something wrong with its legs.  It hobbles around and looks like it is in a LOT of pain.  I'm not sure what's wrong with it.  Maybe hip dysplasia?  Every time its' owner makes it jump, it knocks the bar, because it can't lift its' legs and then the owner makes it try again.  She also gets upset when it won't heel or sit straight.  Seriously this dog can barely walk.  It's mean.  Oh yeah....it also wears a prong collar.  TO DO AGILITY?!?!

One more thing.  In our first class no one brought treats.  This time a couple people did, but they didn't give their dogs very many.  Me?  I'm like Tibby's personal one armed bandit - she tries lots of things and gets a W-I-D-E variety of different treats.  She never knows what she is going to get or how much.  Except of course when she finishes a course - jackpot!  I also stop when we are running a give her treats after a difficult move or if she stays with me and there is a dog in her face.

  Yes, there are dogs that will do what you say just because you say so, but I don't have one and I haven't met one yet.

And some of the other dogs got into my bag and ate Tibby's treats, when we were running!!!  Oh yeah, they don't need treats at all.

This is Tibby riding in her crate to agility class.  Doesn't it look like she is chewing on the bars?  LOL!  She's just chewing a bully stick!

On the way home.  Someone was tired.

"Mom, I'm trying to sleep here.  Why do you keep waking me up with the flashy box?"

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hint? Hint?

Which is worse?
  1. Tibby did this.
  2. I let Tibby do this.
  3. I took pictures of it.
  4. I let Tibby do it many times so I could get pictures of it.

My Mom said maybe we should just get Tibby a high chair, so she can sit with us at the table.

Interesting that she only does it to my Mom.  Maybe it has something to do with my Mom giving her food when she is jumping up on her?
*sigh* All my hard work of raising my girl ruined by one Subway.

"I'm not getting any, am I."

Tell Me Thursday - Trainers?

Crooks and Crazies

It's Crooks and Crazies Tell me Thursday!
Well, Monday.  I wasn't going to do this one 'cause it might get me in trouble, but I had time to think about stuff, so I decided to try it out.

1. How do you search for and then choose a trainer?
Well, I tried searching the internet for a local trainer and that failed me twice, but also gave me my 2 favorite trainers, so success (50% of the time at least)!!  If I hadn't started this blog and complained whined mentioned that I needed HELP, I never would have met Loretta!  I don't want to creep her out, but she's like my mentor and I also read her blog, bounce questions/ideas of her at lessons to get an idea of what the agility world is like.  She's a great trainer, because she gives me direction, but also freedom to try stuff/other methods (meaning SG here) out. 
Fail or fly, we all have to do it ourselves!.  I'm not sure exactly how it worked out....I remember her saying, "Hey come up and hang out sometime we have nice agility people up here."....or something like that.  I thought she lived waaaaaay up north, like by Duluth.  Turns out she was only 2 hours away!!  
And of course the internet gave me Silvia Trkman's online classes.  Awesome!  I feel like she has taught me agility from a different continent.  Very modern ;)
So combined together Loretta and Silvia make an amazing trainer team.  I can't imagine one without the other!
2. The dog world is small and... uh... talkative. After choosing a trainer how do you handle those people in your life who don't believe in that trainer/trainers methods and criticize them to you?
I don't care.  If you think the agility world is bad....I have some other venues and people to introduce you too.  I like to pretend I have thick skin :) 
I treat them like my crazy patients, "Oooo, yeah. Right." Walking away now.....

3. Do you believe that a person's personal life should influence your choice of a trainer? (i.e do you believe a person's choice to be a party animal outside of work would affect your choice?)
No.  Do you think that my personal life should affect them teaching me?  I hope not.

4. When you have a break through moment with your dog, do you feel that moment makes your connection stronger with that dog and makes the next step in training easier?
Yes!  I think so.  I feel more connected to Tibby every day.  We are having more fun and she is a fun little fluffy friend.

5. Do you stick with just one trainer, or do you go to multiple sources for help?
Multiple.  Seriously.  Watch this blog in the next couple months I have some surprises and adventures planned.  My lips are sealed though!  I don't want to say anything until it happens.  'Cause you know we tend to have "interesting" results from our adventures. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Running Contacts Practice - Flat Board

We are starting over with our running contacts - now that we are in the RC class!  So we did the rug for a few sessions and now we are using a plank.  It took me longer than I expected to get the board all painted and sanded, but now it is perfect!  I may have an addiction to silky yellow and blue oil paint.  It's fun to paint with.

So Tibby is having fun!  She loves her plank.  She would rather run on a plank than on the ground or carpet. 

Silvia said, "Very cool, she sure is running! You rewarded o.k. The best hit would be 20. 11 was great too, but not full reach forward and on 17, her hind feet are not fully separated. I wouldn’t reward 4 or 5, but would reward 6. Don’t worry about the overreach and she is also not airy. She is just not fully extended every time, but is doing perfectly fine when she is really running, so you could actually soon raise the plank some."

Yay!  We can raise the plank soon!  If it would stop snowing I might try hauling the plank outside....soon.

I'm calling the dogwalk (right now just a plank) superman!  I figure if when she does miss her contact, people will just think it was planned! :)  Superman!  It's fun to say too.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Snow Storm!

We had a little snow storm yesterday.  Tibby LOVED it!  She loves the snow.

When she came back inside, a lot of snow came with her!  Poor Catty she got covered with snow!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

She's The Tops

I SO wish I had a video to share with you!  We had a fun adventure tonight.  Tibby was amazing and awesome. 
We are taking a beg. agility class on Tuesday nights.  It's not my first choice for taking a class, but it's the only place that (1) Would let us take a class with them.  Seriously.  (2) Had classes on a night when I don't work.  (3)  Don't use methods I'm not comfortable with.   The building has asphalt as a flooring, sooo that's not good, but Tibby is doing low jumps - not full height and she isn't doing weaves or any contacts.  So basically, tunnels and low jumps.  The class includes all the weaves, contacts and everything, I just told the instructor that I didn't want Tibby to do those right now.  She was fine with that.  She lets us do whatever we want, which is what I was looking for!  I figure that Tibby runs on more asphalt at home when we go for walks (full speed for more than an hour) at certain places.  She also has a penchant for jumping off of the stairs at home.  Still working on stopping that......or at least slowing it down.

Tibby did such a good job.  Like wow! I was shocked.  Ok she wasn't quiet.  Yes, she was the class barker yipper.  When she gets excited, she can't help it and a few yips fly out.  BUT she was able to focus on me and WORK.  Did I mention FOCUS.  Playing endless It's Yer Choice games and the focus games from When Pigs Fly helped Tibby offer behaviors while a very large lab sat (trying to sniff Tibby) a foot away.  She was a star!

Yup she was the  star of the class!  OK, yeah, none of the other dogs had ever been through a tunnel or over a jump, but still......we've worked really hard to be where we are now.  So I am still proud of her.

The instructor set up little courses for us to do.  Tibby was wicked fast.  You've seen her zoomies?  She was that fast, but she was doing a course.  Focused and Fast?  Be still my heart!  The other dogs were within easy reach for her and she was off leash!  Only once did she go to a dog instead of to me.  That was a tough situation though, because she was coming out of the tire and the other dog was directly in front of her and only a few feet away.  It was the end of the course we were running too, so not a big deal.  In my opinion.  She did come to me after a quick sniff hello to the other dog.  She was the only dog that got to go off leash, so that helped. 

The last course was straight tunnel-jump-jump-jump-Aframe(we skipped)-jump-curved long tunnel-short tunnel-tire.  Tibby did the whole thing!  I rewarded in a couple spots, but she was really running fast and happy, happy, happy!  AND the other dogs were standing right in amongst the equipment.  It's not a very big building, so there isn't really any where for them to go.  Also, the next class was starting to come in, so there were extra dogs too. 

She wasn't scared of anything.  Even when, at the start of class, she had her leash on and she pulled down a bunch of jumps behind her as she ran the course.  She was able to keep going and not get scared!

There were 5 other dogs in the class: French Bulldog, BC mix, lab, lab, aussie.  The BC mix was reactive and had to wear an ace wrap (thundershirt?).

So we had fun.  The ride home went by fast!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tiny Step Running

We tried the sequence in lesson 5.  It was really cold and snowy and windy outside, so we played inside.  It took me FOREVER to figure out a way to fit all the jumps in.  I thought we did pretty good considering the small space we're working with.  There are two cute moments where Tibby goes for the teeter when I say tunnel.  And when I'm "walking the course" she follows me around and does what my body is directing.  It's hard to describe,but.....  It was cute!

I did tiny running.  Please don't laugh too much.  I had some friends over yesterday and they almost died laughing at me.  Yeaaaaah it was funny, but I kept in motion!  Sort of.

Silvia said that we did fine, but Tibby had more speed in our other videos and a FC at 8 was not necessary.  But I like front crosses!

Last time we did this lesson we didn't even try to do the sequence, because it was too advanced for us.  So I think we are doing better!  Here is what we did last time Lesson 5

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Training Videos and PJs

I think this is lesson 5 for the ST foundation class? I can't remember. BUT I DO KNOW THAT IT WAS REALLY REALLY COLD (ok you get it) outside when we made this video. And this was actually a warm day - it has gotten colder. So training is stopping.....LOL!! I mean outside training is stopping for a little while. The back of my car is full of a tunnel, jumps and a long rolled up strip of rugs, just waiting for warmer weather. Silvia said I should use a different hand to cue the serps. vs the threadles (or however you spell them). kewl. right. I'll do that as soon as my legs defrost. Anyway....what was I saying? Sorry, I'm a little dehydrated from being SUPER sick on Tues. night. Like the sickest I have been in years, 'cause I don't get sick. The last time I was sick? 2 years ago. I had a fever. It was bad. When I get sick I pack a year of sick into 24 hours. Anyway.....Tibby was a wonderful nurse. She surprised me. She would rest her head on my arm or leg and look at me like, "It's Ok." She doesn't normally do that. Usually she tries to eat my pants or something. It was nice. And she protected me from Catty's incessant kneading. Not something you want when you are sick and in pain. thanks Catty. Ow.

This is how it happened.
Catty (paws on my stomach): knead. knead. knead.
Me: Ow! Ow! Get off Catty.
Catty: knead?
Me: Ow!
Catty: keandkneadkneadkneadknead
Me: OWW!
Tibby: Grrrrrr
Catty (one paw): KNEAD KNEAD
Tibby: Rawrbark!BarkGRRRRR!
Catty: la la la I think I'll sleep over here instead. Oh, look! A blanket to knead! Perfect. Purrrrrrrrrr

Anyway.......fun night. I even called in sick to work on Wed. I think that is the 3 sick day I have ever taken. But I was really sick. So anyway.

So too recap (can you tell I have a little cabin fever????): It is cold. My computer is broken. I am bored. And I was sick. Now better. Still bored. No computer. Freezing outside.


Oh yeah. And Tibby is very cute and super shiny. New shampoo! I recommend it! Chris Christensen Gold on Gold and White on White. She soooo pretty.  No pictures (see above about brokeny computery)

We also got a surprise package of treats from a company. So far Tibby won't eat them. shhhhh! Don't tell! Now to find dogs that will eat them :) I was going to give some to Loretta for her dogs, at our lesson tomorrow, but it's too cold for a lesson. boo. They are very good treats too. Not sure why Tibby won't eat them. They look good to me. Well...whatever.

Let's get to the PJs part of our program. See below. Cute Tibby running and me in PJs. Oh! Sorry! Were you hoping it was Tibby in PJs??? he he he
 P. S. I throw the ball too late 99% of the time.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When Pigs Fly Book Review

I finished reading this book a few days ago.  It is the BEST training book I have ever read.  I cried, it was that good.  Maybe people with easy to train dogs wouldn't appreciate it, but for me it was such a.....I don't know?  A hug?  A pat on the back?  Jane is like, "It's OK!  Your dog can be trained too!"  So many times when I read training books or watch training videos, I think, "Huh, well, that's nice, but it's not going to work with Tibby."  Jane takes training down to it's smallest steps and she explains exactly how to progress with your "difficult to train" dog. 

For example, I once saw someone teach their dog a trick.  The beginning of the trick started with the dog in heel position beside their trainer.  I wanted to teach this trick, but how to get Tibby into heel position?  Without luring it?  Jane explains how to do it AND in a way that would actually work!  'Cause you can't make an 'impossible' dog do something.  It has to be their idea. 

Her writing style is really easy to read too.  And she uses tons of real life examples, so that makes it even more interesting to read.

Maybe the book would be a little basic for someone that has been clicker training for a long time.  I have only been using a clicker for a year and I'm self trained, so it was nice to read step by step instructions on starting from scratch.  I picked up some great tips!

It was nice to have someone acknowledge that some dogs are different and that it's OK! 

Balance Ball

Tibby on the balance ball!

Isn't she smart?!!?

Monday, January 16, 2012

This and That

 I can finally post again!  I don't have my computer back yet - it has to be shipped back to HP for repairs.  Thank goodness it is still under warranty!

Anyway.....we are staying over at my parent's house tonight.  They live in the same town, so it's not like we went on a big trip LOL!  I thought Tibby should have the experience of sleeping in at least one new place before we go to the seminar next month and stay in a hotel for the first time.

So far?  Can I say she is better here than at home???  She doesn't ask to go sit out on the deck 45 million times, like she does at home.  She doesn't pace.  She doesn't chase the cat (Catty is having a nice vacation at home!).  She doesn't bite my pants or try to sneak bully sticks into the living room.  It's very peaceful.  In fact she put herself to bed IN HER CRATE!!! Score!  She's curled up in there right now.  And the crate is in the next room, so Yay!  For the crate!  Yay!  For Tibby!

I have a neat video of Tibby doing some fun stuff on the exercise ball.  It only took her 2 clicker sessions to jump up on the ball.  It looks like hard work to balance on the ball!  But that will have to wait until another day, because my Dad's computer is kinda sloooow with the uploading to Youtube.  Aaaaand I think Tibby wants to go to bed ;)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Smart Baby

No pictures for this post - I'm having some computer issues again and the computer is going in tomorrow to get fixed, so not sure when I will be able to post again :(

Anyway, Tibby was such a good girl today!  I always make her wait at the door before I release her.  I don't say anything, she's just supposed to know that she can't zip out of the door.  Well, today for the first time ever I saw her thinking about it!  She started to move forward, then she moved back then she made a big step forward and then she scooted herself back two steps.  She looked up at me like, "Ah ha!  I get it!  Now can I go outside?"
Soooo smart!

Then later on she hopped in the tub to get a drink (she likes to drink out of the tub).  I usually have her do a trick or something to get me to turn on the faucet for her.  Today after I asked for a sit, she waited until I released her to get her drink.  Wow!  I was surprised when she did that!  Usually she dives into the water :)

I just wanted to post something that shows how smart Tibby is, just in case this is the last post for a few days :(  Oh well, I'll save up some good stories!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Running Contacts - Lesson ONE

I debated back and forth if I wanted to sign up for Silvia's Running Contacts course. In the end I signed up at the last minute, before the class started. After taking an online class from someone else...I have realized that I like the way Silvia teaches, you get a LOT of personal interaction/feed back from her. She watches your videos and gives you feedback. The website is set up, so it is easy to follow along with your classmates and the class. There are a LIMITED number of people in the class, which develops a class 'bond', as much as you can in an online class. She does NOT try to up sell you on her courses. This is a big PLUS for me. I HATE to be upsold. If I have already paid for a class - why are you trying to squeeze more money out of me? Oh, yeah... because you can. Silvia DOES NOT DO THAT!!! In fact she gives things away! Everyone that takes the puppy/tricks class gets a free download of one of her videos.

Soooo that's my rant on that. I have MUCH more I could say, but it's not worth it. Let's just say Silvia's classes are awesome and she is a great PATIENT teacher. She is nice. At least I think so :)

That's the reason I signed up for the RC course. Tibby loves to run on her plank and we have fun training. I learn something new in every class we take, so why not take another one?

The first part of the first lesson was to tape the dog running at full speed. After last week-end, when Tibby ran away from me, I wasn't sure if we were even going to be able to do the first part of the first lesson!! BUT it turned out to be really good for us.

I took Tibby to a baseball field. She had her long line on and we were able to practice. I think she had fun! I had a ton of fun, but my legs were so sore today!! It was really hard to run on the grass. Today I ran on the gravel/sand and it was so much easier! But it was also easier for Tibby to run faster than me.

Today we went back to the park again and worked on call once games. Tibby did OK, but she gets busy sniffing and ignores me sometimes. I'm not sure EXACTLY how to fix this. She did try to leave the fenced in area once. She was following a scent and found an opening in the fence, BUT the long line stopped her.

Yesterday I was impressed with her focus. I'm not sure if it was the hotdogs or the chasing games, but she did better yesterday than today.  Although, today there were 2 dogs in another baseball field (it's a complex of 8 or 9 fenced in fields) and she did a good job of ignoring them or at least turning back to me after looking over at their field when they were barking.

Yesterday she did pretty good waiting for a release when I walked away from her. It was like a start line stay, but with just running.

Edited to add:  I forgot to say at the end of the video I included some funny clips.  Like for example....Tibby's Superman impression.  Poor Catty........  AND the first time ever I have been able to tape Tibby barking.  That's not even as mean as she can sound.  She's scary!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I'm feeling very disappointed in Tibby's recall today.  I know that:
1- It's my fault for feeling upset 
 2 - My fault for not having her on a long line
3 - My fault for not controlling the situation and
4- giving her too much freedom before she was ready.

But that still doesn't make me I feel better about it.

I went for a hike with my Mom, a friend and my friend's dog, Zoe.  Tibby was doing some pretty good speedy recalls through out the hike.
Then near the end of our hike my Mom, my friend and Zoe got farther ahead and I stopped to scrape some nasty wild animal poo off of my shoe (brand new shoes too!).  Tibby was running between us - recalling to me for a cookie.  Then she stopped coming back to me.

So I'm walking to where they are waiting for me.  My Mom has Tibby by the collar and they are talking to some other hikers who also have their dog by the collar.  The other hikers pass me with their dog and I'm still walking toward my Mom, Tibby, ect.
I'm about a football field away from my Mom, and the hikers are about a football field behind me (also around a curve in the path), when my Mom lets Tibby go.  Tibby runs full speed past me and to the hikers.  There was no possible way that I could have stopped her (unless I had been smart and put a long line on her).  So she goes up to them and sniffs the dog.  I call her, she doesn't come.  I start to go and get her and she finally comes, but only after one of the hikers accidentally (I think) steps on her foot and makes her squeal.  So she runs to me, gets a cookie and put back on leash.
I am......not happy.

Of course, my friend had to point out that Zoe didn't care about the strange dog at all and stayed with them/didn't run off.  Whoo hoo for Zoe. 
Zoe the dog who eats poop and resource guards everything in the world.  Who doesn't know how to sit and is terrified of everything in the world.
*sarcasm* I'm so impressed. 
And sad.
My Mom said she let Tibby go, because she thought Tibby was so attached to me she wouldn't run to the other dog.  Yeah......right.

So I feel like what's the point.
All of our training and Tibby has so little value for me. 
That makes me very sad.
If I can't teach Tibby to recall then....what's the point in training anything else?
I feel betrayed.
I'm sure I'll get over it, but right now......it hurts.

I thought you loved me?

Tibby and Catty Crate Games

One of the games in our Recallers course is Crate Games.  I have been having a problem with Tibby chasing after Catty all the time when we are training.  She gets excited and takes it out on Catty.  Chasing her, rolling her over, mouthing her head.  If you were getting that kind of treatment would you keep coming around?  Catty does.  She won't leave us alone!!!  Catty follows us where ever we are training.  So great.  A distraction.  Trying to work through that. 

Here is a little clip of our crate games.  I made a whole bunch of mistakes, but that's part of the learning process, I guess.  Hope you guys find it more interesting than the Recallers people did.

My finally solution for Catty is to keep her in the crate while we are training.  She seems happy in there as long as she can watch us.  And this way she doesn't get mauled when Tibby is excited.  I put some treats into the crate for Catty, but she didn't eat them.  She's not too 'smart'.  But I still love her.

Friday, January 6, 2012

January Grooming

Tibby went to the groomer's today.  Just a little trim. 
I had her shave under Tibby's arm pits (all 4), because they matt so quickly and the skin is so sensitive there.

We Were Hacked and Attacked

Hey everyone just a little warning.  My computer was attacked last week by 'someone'.  They shut down my firewall.  Thank goodness for McAfee!  They were able to fix it remotely.  Buuuuut then my email was hacked and someone used it to send out bad stuff.  So my account was shut down until I could prove that I wasn't a 'bad' person. 

I don't go on weird unsafe sites and I'm very careful about not opening emails from strange people, but it still happened. 

The scary thing is that it LOOKED like my firewall was working, but when I looked deeper it was turned off and I couldn't turn it back on.

SO check your firewall and watch out for bad people.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One or Two?

I took this picture a while back and forgot to post it.
I thought it was kind of neat - in a strange way.

Tibby's in the car and I'm outside looking at her.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Mango Minster 2012 - Tibby The Adventure Animal

This is Tibby's entry for Mango Minster 2012 - Adventure Animals


Note to our regular readers:  This is a post written by Tibby and there are a lot of pictures/video. 

"Hey everydoggie!  Mom's letting me write a post on the blog!  First time ever!  So...last year I was too little to enter the Mango Minster.  I was just a little pup.  Good thing I didn't enter last year anyway - I hadn't had any adventures!  This year I collected up a lot of adventures!
Now I'm not a natural adventure dog, but Mom says new experiences are good for me, so I try......but that means that my little adventures are more adventure (for me) than big adventures for other pups.  Did you understand that?  *whew*  This writing stuff is harder than Mom makes it look!

My favorite adventure is to stick my head out the car window and go for a ride to a new place.  I just relax and let the wind take me where ever it wants (or maybe it's Mom taking me where she wants BOL!!).

This year I was brave and had an adventure at the V-E-T.  ewwwwww.  I didn't even need my Mom!  They came to take me in the back and I was like "Let's GO!"  Then when I came back to Mom I had some furs missing on my sides where the vetspeoples shaved me.  They did some weird things like take x-rays and moving pictures of my heart!  It was a BIG adventure!

I went in a canoe!  All by myself!  BOL!!  Just kidding!  Mom was there too, but I did all the navigation.  She wouldn't let me steer though.....It was an adventure, because people started to shoot at us!  Well.....actually it was just fireworks, but it was a BIG adventure!

My biggest newestest adventure was doing this thing called a 'T-ter'.  It's kind of scary,  but being the adventurer I am I just had to jump on and find out....what treats I could get from it!  BOL!!!!

I'm even adventurous in the food I eat.  I ate a potato out of the garden.  It was crunchy!  I almost gave Mom a heart attack though, 'cause she thought it might be bad for me.  That was an adventure!

So I was at my agility lesson play time and I saw this BIG mountain!  I was like, "Hey mountain I'm an adventurer.  Watch out!  Here I come!"  Gave Mom a small heart attack!  'Course I have to do it at every lesson now....he he he.  Maybe she should just teach me the A-frame and then she could stop having heart attacks.  Just saying....

I like to find out what's under the dirts in the garden.  I dig big holes, but not all the time just when I'm feeling like an adventure!  BOL!!!

I rode on a BUS!!  THAT was quite the adventure.  I even wore a raincoat on the bus BOL!!!

I'm not afraid of any power tools at all.  I'll even help you with your work!  Please call me for any construction projects xxx-xxx-xxxx!  But only if YOU want a big adventure!  After all I don't have thumbs - and NO I didn't lose them in a construction adventure!!!

 I tried out Flyball.  Heeemmmm, it was interesting.  I got to eat cheese and there were LOTS of other doggies, BUT they kept taking me away from my Mom!  What's up with that!?!?  NOT an adventure I wanted.  Mooooommmm I want to stay with yoooouuuu!

I like to go on tree climbing adventure!  Just to see what is on the other side or if there are any cheese sticks hiding up there.  Yum!  Cheese!

I'm not afraid to check out scary, creepy, dark sheds.  Where there may be mices hiding!  Nope not scared at all!  Yum.  Mices.......*drool*

I'm so adventurous I jumped up in this hammock - just to get my toy and rock around a little.  Then I jumped out!

I LOVE to go on adventure hikes!  We go all the time, but not enough for me.  I would like to go ALL the time.  Like I would be super adventurous and LIVE in the forest.  But only if I could have my couch in the forest.  It's a necessity.  I'm so adventurous that I go hiking during hunting season!  But Mom made me where some orange stuff, so peoples wouldn't shoot me.  She's not very adventurous.....

I'm adventurous enough to get in the ring with a cat!  WWF-style smack down action!  I even have my own special moves:  Smell my fluffy tail!  BOL!!  I sit on my cat sister face!  That is adventurous 'cause did you know cats have TEETH in their faces?!?! 

Thanks for reading my post!  I hope you think I'm an adventurous pup!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gift We Received

This is the gift we received from Mulligan the Flying Bichon!  Tibby had so much fun opening this gift.  She really dug in!  I think it's funny how she inspects every package that comes into the house.  She never use to do that, but now she thinks every package is for her.  She's usually right!

Tibby LOVES these treats!  They are nice and smelly :)

Thanks Mulligan!!

She LOVES this squeaky toy.  She carries it everywhere, which she doesn't do for too many toys.