Monday, January 30, 2012

Hint? Hint?

Which is worse?
  1. Tibby did this.
  2. I let Tibby do this.
  3. I took pictures of it.
  4. I let Tibby do it many times so I could get pictures of it.

My Mom said maybe we should just get Tibby a high chair, so she can sit with us at the table.

Interesting that she only does it to my Mom.  Maybe it has something to do with my Mom giving her food when she is jumping up on her?
*sigh* All my hard work of raising my girl ruined by one Subway.

"I'm not getting any, am I."


Helen said...

My parents took care of my dogs for a week once. I came back to dogs who barked and begged while we were at the table. It took 5 weeks to undo.

D said...

Tibby doesn't look like she feels too guilty! Also.. you've been tagged!