Sunday, January 1, 2012

Packages For Pups

Last year we sent packages to a bunch of different rescues for a few select pups.  This year I got distracted with other things, but Tibby's boarding place, Woof Dah, was collecting things for pups in need, so we sent them a package. 

Lots of soft treats and towels.  Hey!  That's what they asked for!
Tibby also had me include a few jingle balls. ;)

This is the inside of the card. 
Tibby wrote inside:
Dear Woof Dah Friends, 
          My Mom said you were collecting things for dogs that don't have their own people.  I love my people, so I felt bad for those dogs.  I'm sending you some treats.  I almost ate them.  They look yummy!  I am also sending some of my favorite jingle balls.  Everyone must love jingle balls, they keep singing, 'Jingle balls, jingle balls, jingle all the way.  O what fun to throw those balls!  Jingle all the way!"
If we didn't live so far away I would get Mom to drive me over (IN MY CAR!!!) to deliver this package in per dogson.  We could play some chase too!  I miss you guys :)

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