Monday, January 30, 2012

Tell Me Thursday - Trainers?

Crooks and Crazies

It's Crooks and Crazies Tell me Thursday!
Well, Monday.  I wasn't going to do this one 'cause it might get me in trouble, but I had time to think about stuff, so I decided to try it out.

1. How do you search for and then choose a trainer?
Well, I tried searching the internet for a local trainer and that failed me twice, but also gave me my 2 favorite trainers, so success (50% of the time at least)!!  If I hadn't started this blog and complained whined mentioned that I needed HELP, I never would have met Loretta!  I don't want to creep her out, but she's like my mentor and I also read her blog, bounce questions/ideas of her at lessons to get an idea of what the agility world is like.  She's a great trainer, because she gives me direction, but also freedom to try stuff/other methods (meaning SG here) out. 
Fail or fly, we all have to do it ourselves!.  I'm not sure exactly how it worked out....I remember her saying, "Hey come up and hang out sometime we have nice agility people up here."....or something like that.  I thought she lived waaaaaay up north, like by Duluth.  Turns out she was only 2 hours away!!  
And of course the internet gave me Silvia Trkman's online classes.  Awesome!  I feel like she has taught me agility from a different continent.  Very modern ;)
So combined together Loretta and Silvia make an amazing trainer team.  I can't imagine one without the other!
2. The dog world is small and... uh... talkative. After choosing a trainer how do you handle those people in your life who don't believe in that trainer/trainers methods and criticize them to you?
I don't care.  If you think the agility world is bad....I have some other venues and people to introduce you too.  I like to pretend I have thick skin :) 
I treat them like my crazy patients, "Oooo, yeah. Right." Walking away now.....

3. Do you believe that a person's personal life should influence your choice of a trainer? (i.e do you believe a person's choice to be a party animal outside of work would affect your choice?)
No.  Do you think that my personal life should affect them teaching me?  I hope not.

4. When you have a break through moment with your dog, do you feel that moment makes your connection stronger with that dog and makes the next step in training easier?
Yes!  I think so.  I feel more connected to Tibby every day.  We are having more fun and she is a fun little fluffy friend.

5. Do you stick with just one trainer, or do you go to multiple sources for help?
Multiple.  Seriously.  Watch this blog in the next couple months I have some surprises and adventures planned.  My lips are sealed though!  I don't want to say anything until it happens.  'Cause you know we tend to have "interesting" results from our adventures. 

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Laura Carson said...

I meant to stop by and comment - don't know what happened!! So glad to see you back. So glad, too, that you found Loretta!