Sunday, January 29, 2012

Running Contacts Practice - Flat Board

We are starting over with our running contacts - now that we are in the RC class!  So we did the rug for a few sessions and now we are using a plank.  It took me longer than I expected to get the board all painted and sanded, but now it is perfect!  I may have an addiction to silky yellow and blue oil paint.  It's fun to paint with.

So Tibby is having fun!  She loves her plank.  She would rather run on a plank than on the ground or carpet. 

Silvia said, "Very cool, she sure is running! You rewarded o.k. The best hit would be 20. 11 was great too, but not full reach forward and on 17, her hind feet are not fully separated. I wouldn’t reward 4 or 5, but would reward 6. Don’t worry about the overreach and she is also not airy. She is just not fully extended every time, but is doing perfectly fine when she is really running, so you could actually soon raise the plank some."

Yay!  We can raise the plank soon!  If it would stop snowing I might try hauling the plank outside....soon.

I'm calling the dogwalk (right now just a plank) superman!  I figure if when she does miss her contact, people will just think it was planned! :)  Superman!  It's fun to say too.