Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tiny Step Running

We tried the sequence in lesson 5.  It was really cold and snowy and windy outside, so we played inside.  It took me FOREVER to figure out a way to fit all the jumps in.  I thought we did pretty good considering the small space we're working with.  There are two cute moments where Tibby goes for the teeter when I say tunnel.  And when I'm "walking the course" she follows me around and does what my body is directing.  It's hard to describe,but.....  It was cute!

I did tiny running.  Please don't laugh too much.  I had some friends over yesterday and they almost died laughing at me.  Yeaaaaah it was funny, but I kept in motion!  Sort of.

Silvia said that we did fine, but Tibby had more speed in our other videos and a FC at 8 was not necessary.  But I like front crosses!

Last time we did this lesson we didn't even try to do the sequence, because it was too advanced for us.  So I think we are doing better!  Here is what we did last time Lesson 5

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Helen said...

Actually Tibby moves faster when you do tiny running. I suppose because your moving more so she moves faster.