Monday, January 16, 2012

This and That

 I can finally post again!  I don't have my computer back yet - it has to be shipped back to HP for repairs.  Thank goodness it is still under warranty!

Anyway.....we are staying over at my parent's house tonight.  They live in the same town, so it's not like we went on a big trip LOL!  I thought Tibby should have the experience of sleeping in at least one new place before we go to the seminar next month and stay in a hotel for the first time.

So far?  Can I say she is better here than at home???  She doesn't ask to go sit out on the deck 45 million times, like she does at home.  She doesn't pace.  She doesn't chase the cat (Catty is having a nice vacation at home!).  She doesn't bite my pants or try to sneak bully sticks into the living room.  It's very peaceful.  In fact she put herself to bed IN HER CRATE!!! Score!  She's curled up in there right now.  And the crate is in the next room, so Yay!  For the crate!  Yay!  For Tibby!

I have a neat video of Tibby doing some fun stuff on the exercise ball.  It only took her 2 clicker sessions to jump up on the ball.  It looks like hard work to balance on the ball!  But that will have to wait until another day, because my Dad's computer is kinda sloooow with the uploading to Youtube.  Aaaaand I think Tibby wants to go to bed ;)

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