Thursday, January 19, 2012

Training Videos and PJs

I think this is lesson 5 for the ST foundation class? I can't remember. BUT I DO KNOW THAT IT WAS REALLY REALLY COLD (ok you get it) outside when we made this video. And this was actually a warm day - it has gotten colder. So training is stopping.....LOL!! I mean outside training is stopping for a little while. The back of my car is full of a tunnel, jumps and a long rolled up strip of rugs, just waiting for warmer weather. Silvia said I should use a different hand to cue the serps. vs the threadles (or however you spell them). kewl. right. I'll do that as soon as my legs defrost. Anyway....what was I saying? Sorry, I'm a little dehydrated from being SUPER sick on Tues. night. Like the sickest I have been in years, 'cause I don't get sick. The last time I was sick? 2 years ago. I had a fever. It was bad. When I get sick I pack a year of sick into 24 hours. Anyway.....Tibby was a wonderful nurse. She surprised me. She would rest her head on my arm or leg and look at me like, "It's Ok." She doesn't normally do that. Usually she tries to eat my pants or something. It was nice. And she protected me from Catty's incessant kneading. Not something you want when you are sick and in pain. thanks Catty. Ow.

This is how it happened.
Catty (paws on my stomach): knead. knead. knead.
Me: Ow! Ow! Get off Catty.
Catty: knead?
Me: Ow!
Catty: keandkneadkneadkneadknead
Me: OWW!
Tibby: Grrrrrr
Catty (one paw): KNEAD KNEAD
Tibby: Rawrbark!BarkGRRRRR!
Catty: la la la I think I'll sleep over here instead. Oh, look! A blanket to knead! Perfect. Purrrrrrrrrr night. I even called in sick to work on Wed. I think that is the 3 sick day I have ever taken. But I was really sick. So anyway.

So too recap (can you tell I have a little cabin fever????): It is cold. My computer is broken. I am bored. And I was sick. Now better. Still bored. No computer. Freezing outside.


Oh yeah. And Tibby is very cute and super shiny. New shampoo! I recommend it! Chris Christensen Gold on Gold and White on White. She soooo pretty.  No pictures (see above about brokeny computery)

We also got a surprise package of treats from a company. So far Tibby won't eat them. shhhhh! Don't tell! Now to find dogs that will eat them :) I was going to give some to Loretta for her dogs, at our lesson tomorrow, but it's too cold for a lesson. boo. They are very good treats too. Not sure why Tibby won't eat them. They look good to me. Well...whatever.

Let's get to the PJs part of our program. See below. Cute Tibby running and me in PJs. Oh! Sorry! Were you hoping it was Tibby in PJs??? he he he
 P. S. I throw the ball too late 99% of the time.

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