Friday, December 31, 2010

December Rain

Pictures from yesterday's walk in the rain.  Not.  Normal.  It was about 34F and rained for 36 hours straight.  Rain on top of snow = ICE.  Lots and lots of ice.  It was a nice walk yesterday, because it was so warm and everything was melty and soft, but today we have snow on top of ice = no walk.  I don't want Tibby to cut her feet.

Look how wet Tibby is!  It was really not cold even though there is some snow on the ground.  I wanted to try out Tibby's new coat, but I also wanted to try out the Comfortflex harness.  The harness won.  It is nice!

There are ice houses out on the water past the bend in the shore.  There was also a guy on a 4 wheeler out there too.


After our walk I took Tibby home for a nice warm bath.  Then I combed all her fur out.  There was one mat on her neck.  I used Cowboy Magic detangler and it came out after I worked on it for a few minutes.

This is a tree that hangs over the lake in the summer, but now the snow is so high it looks like the tree is in the lake.

There is something in this spot that scares Tibby.  She gets very alert and barks/growls.  She never barks, so it freaks me out!  It happened last summer when we walked here and it happened again yesterday.  Maybe an animal lives here that she can smell?

This is a sledding hill.  Very steep, very icy and Tibby ran up and down it twice.
We were the only ones crazy enough to be walking around in the rain at the park.

Attacking Newspaper

Catty and Tibby play with a newspaper.  One thinks it is a hideout the other isn't sure.

Digging To China

Tibby loves to dig - dirt, mud and now snow. 

Upset Tummy

Tibby woke up this morning with an upset tummy and the dreaded diarrhea.
It's probably from the new bones, because she hasn't had anything else new. I haven't even been training her with hot dogs or turkey lately, so I can't blame them.
One positive thing: She asked me to go outside.  I didn't have to read her mind - progress!  She has the strangest way of asking to go outside.  She goes to the front door, so I will let her out of the back door.  Whatever works.  When I first brought her home we never went out the back door, because it was a big mud pool, but now that it has been frozen and covered with snow for the last 3 months I always let her out the back door to potty.  It's convenient for me, because the backyard is fenced in, so I let her go out by herself.  Yes it's true! At 4am I really don't want to go outside with her in the snow!
That pic above is an old one from a couple months ago.  Tibby is not sick enough to slow down.  She is chasing keeping an eye on Catty, the neighbors and the bunnies.
Actually, for the past 3 days she has been a stinker with the bunnies.  Up until now she was really nice, just watching them in their room.  She likes them, but she wasn't obsessed with them.  Then last week Tansy jumped the fence, while I was at work, and took a field trip to the dining room.  Tibby was of course, very interested.  Now she wants to get into their room all the time.  The bunnies don't care, but she bangs against their gate and it is very annoying!  I think I might try a Scatmat in front of the gate.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

More Snowshoeing

I took these pictures last week when I went snowshoeing with my Mom.
Just more snow and pictures of Tibby.

Tibby and my Mom.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Unofficial Bone Test

I ordered a few things from Clean Run.  One thing was the cute coat Tibby is wearing.  Also, I ordered an antler, a steer stick, a wolverine and a Himalayan dog chew.  I let Tibby chose her favorite.  There was an obvious winner.

Even Catty knows which one is yummy.
"Hmmmmm, what a selection."

"*sniff* Well, don't mine if I do!"

"See ya suckers!"



"No really.  I licked it already.  It's mine!"

I am very happy with these 'steer sticks' (aka pizzle sticks, bully sticks) it kept Tibby busy for 30 mins straight!  Miracle!

Not Wordless Wednesday


"Uuuuuu, Mommy? Did she give me a black eye? Is it bleeding?"

"Are you sure?  It really hurts.  Can you check?  Is it swollen?"

"Hellooooooo  Cat!  I am suing you for a 1000 pieces of kibble!  Cat?  Hello?"

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cross Species Snuggling

"I love you."

"No.  I love you."

"I'm sorry I chased you and chewed on your ear and pulled your tail and bit your neck."
"It's OK.  You're just a pup.  Sorry I bit your ear and scratched your face and gnawed on your nose."
"You gnawed on my nose?!?"

Friday, December 24, 2010

Getting Ready For Bed

Put away your slippers.  Or give them a chew.

"But Iz not sleepy."



SLEEPY!!  *grin*

" I sleepy."

"Turn out the light.  I iz sleepy."

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Goals For Jan. And A Video

These are my goals for Tibby's training in Jan.
1- Hopefully (fingers crossed we get in) take a Foundations agility class
2- Work on distance with 'Back Up'
3- Get 2 full circles with 'Spin'
4- Have Tibby offer 'High 5' on the right side (not just the left)
5- Get 4 feet on the box when the box is against a wall
6- Figure out 'Crawl' better
7 - Get all 4 feet in the bowl for 'Puppy In The Bowl'
8 - Continue to work on 'Come'
9 - Work on my own clicker skills - not too late/not too early/rewarding at the right time
10 - Try out a new trick- at least once a week.

Tricks I would like to teach Tibby in 2011: Jump into my arms, Leg lifts, Stand for exam, Roll over, Bow.

Here is a video I made today.  Things I learned from this: I click at the wrong time/too slow or for the wrong thing.  I missed a ton of clickable moments.  Tibby refused to do crawl.  We had just done it a bunch of times earlier, but she wasn't going to do it for the camera.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tibby Went To Work

I worked an early shift today.  When I was done I went home and picked Tibby up.  Then I took her to work with me!  I work in a hospital.  My friends at work love Tibby.  This was her 2nd visit.  Tibby got to meet about 7 new people.  They fed her treats and sat on the floor with her.  She was so polite.  She sat and let them pet her and she didn't jump up on them at all.  SHOCK!  We stayed for about 15 mins.  She was happy and wagging her tail the whole time.  There were all her favorite things - new place, new people and lots of tasty silver objects!
  It was nice to see her behaving herself, because she was such a little bugger last night.  My parents came over for dinner last night and they had to leave, because Tibby was being so disruptive.  As she was leaving my Mom said, "Did you know she was going to be like this when you got her?" 
 I know why she was running around like crazy, fighting playing with Catty and jumping up on everyone.  I got off work late yesterday and Tibby didn't get her long walk, there was a full moon and that's just Tibby!
I told my work friends that sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that likes my dog.  They told me they love Tibby and that she is a sweetie.  They all want to get Tibetan Terriers too.
Yeah..................good luck with that!

Monday, December 20, 2010

This Puppy Is So CUTE!

Isn't this puppy cute?!?  An Australian Shepard/German Shepard Cross.
So cute!  And she's only $100, plus they refund $25 when she is spayed.
If anyone needs a is her
I wish I needed a puppy *sigh*

Sunday, December 19, 2010

DIY Fleece Tug

I made some tugs out of a fleece blanket today.
If you enlarge this first pic you can see Catty yawning!
I had an old blanket from Ikea.

My 'helpers' helping me cut the blanket into strips.

"Mmmm, fleecy."

Tug, tug, tug.

Nice and long.  I don't have to bend over.

I was able to make 4 tugs out of one blanket.
So far they are a hit!
Below is a video of Tibby tugging and walking over the tippy board. When I started filming,  I wasn't doing a great job of tugging straight or holding the Flip, so it looks crazy.

Shopping Special and The Lookout

*disclaimer* I know plastic bags are dangerous for pets.  I watched Catty the whole time, so she wouldn't suffocate herself.

I got a special at Catmart today!  Buy a bag get a free cat!

"Can I keep this bag furever?"

"Shhhh, no dogs allowed in this secret hideout."

"You're letting all the heat out of my sauna!"

"What?  I like plastic bags.  Ok?

Meanwhile..........Tibby was on lookout duty.  She likes to watch the neighbors.  Yes, I have a peeping tom dog.  Her favorite time to watch them is at night.  I don't feel bad for them though, they're the ones who won't put curtains up!  They 'like the open look'.

This is my NIC panel fence that I made to keep Tibby from going into the middle of the yard and sitting there barking until I come out.