Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tibby and a New Friend

Tibby and I went for a hike with Zoe's mom.  Zoe couldn't come with us, because she is too short and the snow is too deep.
Instead of Zoe, Tibby met a new friend - Ginger.
Ginger is 5 years old and lives in a family with a Boxer and a German Shepard.  Sometimes, she has too much energy, so Zoe's mom volunteered to take Ginger running every morning.  They run for 5 miles every morning at 4am!  They run in a group that includes my Mom (real human mother LOL!).  I think they are crazy!  At 4am in Minnesota it is very cold!  Well, their group doesn't run on the weekends, so Ginger came for a hike with us today.   
I only took 3 pictures before my camera died.


"Trails that way big lady."

"Was that a......?"

We hiked for an hour.  It was fun, but I am tired.  Tibby and I hiked the same trail yesterday by ourselves.  It was funny to see Tibby hopping along through the snow.  She LOVES snow!  It was also interesting to see Tibby interact with another dog.  She likes to play with Zoe, but she behaved nicely with Ginger.  There weren't any sneak attacks or play maulings.  I don't think Ginger would have allowed that kind of behavior!


Caren Gittleman said...

It is always nice to make new friends and I am so glad that Tibby liked the snow!!!
Cat Chat

Anonymous said...

That looked like a fun hike!

Elyse and Riley