Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hot Dogs Are Awesome

They are obviously magical.  Tibby learned how to weave through my legs in 5 mins.  One hot dog.  Catty also thinks they are pretty stinkin tasty too.
Me?  Nice that they taught Tibby, but they are smelly, slimy and gross.  But for my baby I will buy, slice and touch those gross wieners. 
Still awesome though too.


Helen/Spike and Drusilla OK Citizens said...

I will have to try hot dogs as a treat. We are about to teach Spike and Dru the weave poles for agility.

I agree with you, though, slimy, yuck!


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Hey thanks for the great compliment! I think if you keep treating attention you will soon meet your goal! I also do a lot of work with the dogs learning staring at something doesn't ever get you it.

Clicker training is so much fun and the dogs learn so quickly!

My dogs mainly work for their kibble, but at class or at trials I use a mixture of soft treats, hot dogs, and string cheese! Oh and can't forget the canned cat food for jackpots after an obedience trial!