Thursday, December 16, 2010

Night Play Time

We got another foot of snow last night.  There are places, in my backyard, where the snow isn't packed down.  Today I walked out there, sunk into the snow and it was up to the top of my hip.  Tibby fell off the deck this afternoon into the snow and couldn't get out.  She just kept sinking deeper and deeper!  After I stopped laughing at her I pulled her out.  She looked like a turtle, on her side, with her paws waving in the air! 

This video is from a couple nights ago.  Tibby has this red flashing ball that we like to play with at night.  It's even more fun to play with it in the snow.  It stops flashing after a while, so I have to keep an eye on where Tibby drops it in the snow or we might not find it until spring!

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Anonymous said...

A flashing ball seems like it was a great invention! We had snow today too but definitely not a foot. I can't believe it was up to your hip! Wow. Poor Tibby falling and not being able to get out of the snow. I bet it was a funny sight though!

Elyse (and Riley)