Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Woolie Dog Tug Toy Review

Mara from Woolie Dog was sooo nice and let us review one of her tugs!  I was really impressed with this tug.  I wasn't sure what to expect, because this is the first wool tug we have ever tried.  First of all, I love the color - it's a deep, plushy purple.  Gorgeous.  Having something pretty makes tugging so much more fun for me!  And for Tibby?  Well, she LOVES felted wool.

Yes, this tug is made from felted wool.
Mara at Woolie Dog says, "Felted wool is dense, durable but soft on your hand and your dog's mouth. These toys are tough enough stand up to hours of interactive tugging fun for you and your dog! Even better they are made with a natural, renewable resource - home grown wool!"

I can't smell anything on the tug, but to Tibby it smells amazing!  She had to give it a very careful sniff, before she dove in and tugged like crazy!

Woolie Dog tugs are handmade, so if you want a shorter or a longer or a thinner or whatever! tug they can me made to your specifications.  They come in a wide variety of stunning colors.

Tibby says, "Heyyyyy, can I play with that?  It looks like fun!"

"Uh, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind."

"Oh yeah!  Baby!  This is more like it!  Tuggy!  Tuggy!  Tuggy!"

"I LOVE this tug!  See my big smile?!?  Yeah!"

"Now I would like a quiet moment with my new best friend."

Things I love about this tug:

1- Made out of 100% natural wool roving.  Good for the environment.
2 - Beautiful, beautiful color.
3 - Soft and easy to hold on to.
4 - Tibby loves it- 4 paws up!
5 - Machine washable in cool to warm water - always a plus when dog drool is involved!  LOL!

So if you are looking for a soft, natural and gorgeous tug check out Woolie Dog.

They also have a facebook page : WoolieDog Facebook

They would make a wonderful gift for that special 4-leg in your house! 


Disclosure: I did not receive any financial compensation for this post. All opinions are my own and uninfluenced by anyone else. I received a free product to facilitate my review, but that did not affect my opinion


K-Koira said...

My dogs love wool toys too! I bought a ring toy, but have made numerous other toys myself with wool I bought from a friend, and the dogs seem to like my slightly softer versions better (not sure if it is the softer texture or the slightly sheepy smell to them even after washing).

Have to be careful to use them only interactively though, as the wool is super tempting for chewing on.

Kari in Vegas said...

What a fun toy!

Stop on by for a visit

Karissa said...

We love our Woolie Dog tuggy (ours is bright pink!). My border collie has a history of ripping through fleece tugs in only a few play sessions. Even four-strand braids couldn't hold up, and she thought those were too stiff, anyhow.

Enter Wooly Tug! Secret took to it immediately! She tugs on it like a madwoman and it hasn't shown any signs of wearing or tearing. When/if it ever dies, I'll be replacing it with another Wooly Dog tug!

Sagira said...

That looks like a fun toy. How are you so lucky to get to do all these reviews? Would love to get in on doing some but don't know how to get started. :)