Monday, November 14, 2011

Dog Walks, Running Contacts and Advice Oh My!

So, I have a few questions for the agility people. Dog walks. I want one. But I have questions. I've been shopping for 1/2 a year and I still haven't made up my mind.
Here are my requirements for a dog walk -
1 - Rubber contacts
2 - Either adjustable OR the legs come off, so I can set it down at a lower height
3- The planks have to be easy to take apart and put back together again
4- I will be moving it by myself, so weight is an issue - or is it? So confused....

Yeah I think that's it.
So here are my questions:
What's the difference between a steel and aluminum dog walk?
Fiberglass? Wood? Aluminum? Alumaskin? What should the planks be made out of?

Ok so that's about it. Unless you can think of something else?
I like the Max 200 adjustable dog walk/rubber/aluminum frame/alumiskin planks.

Here is Tibby's latest with the RC. I have the plank up to 17 inches. It was 15 inches at our last lesson with Loretta. My steps are 17 inches tall, soooo RC plank is at 17 inches. Tibby started to offer running up the plank on to the deck, turning around and running down the plank. Yay! Except that my camera had fallen over and I didn't get any of that taped :( She was really running fast when she could get a little distance.

Here is what Silvia said, "Just two concerns: could you cut the supporting planks some at the end (diagonally) – so that the plank comes all the way to the ground. Edges like that really makes me worry about their feet… Not so nice if they step on that edge… And second… – any possibility of a set up that would give her more starting speed? Like two planks, forming some kind of mini A-frame for now or 2/3 of DW so that she can start further from the down plank."


Sagira said...

Wow, you are going to have your very own dog walk? HOW COOL!

Catalina said...

Yeah, so which one should I get? It's either get my own or drive 2 hours once a month to the nearest one. I don't think once a month is going to work!!

Loretta Mueller said...

Max 200 had all their equipment at the USDAA Nationals this year and it was NICE!!!!

Just make sure it will fit in your yard! They are HUGE!!!! And you will need run on and off room! :)

Catalina said...

Yeah I have measured and checked everything over and over again. I even had to dig out my algebra - if you know the side of a and c what will the length of b be? I don't have a deep yard, so the DW would only be able to go in 2 spots.

My dad owns an acre of land in town and he said I could use part of it for a training place in the summer. He also has a huge building there.....hee hee hee maybe I can take that over someday too. ;)

I think I'll wait until after the new year and then see how things are going. I already ordered a teeter last month. Very impatiently waiting for it to arrive!!!
We can use the teeter plank as a RC board - I think?