Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stopped Tugging

So, since we just did a review of a tug toy I thought I should probably fess up about our history with tugging.  When I first brought Tibby home, I read a lot of books and got a lot of bad advice.  One thing that everyone seemed to agree on: You should never tug with your dog.  Being the naive new puppy parent that I was, I belived every word. 
So, for the first 7 months of her life Tibby never got to tug.  Whenever she started tugging on a toy I would drop it and turn away from her. 
Wow! It was super easy to eliminate her tug drive.  Oops.  My Bad.
Once we started getting into agility and dog sports I realized how valuable a tool tug drive could be.  So for the next life time I will be nurturing Tibby's tug drive.  Now with my next dog.......I will know better.

Little video of Tibby as a puppy tugging. 

This was one of the first times I let her tug.  Considering our history I think it is amazing that she tugs at all.  Good thing she has a mind of her own!

  And.....Oh My Goodness isn't she CUTE!!!

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Sagira said...

Yes, you will see a lot of tugging going on in agility, some of the leashes are even made to tug on. :)