Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So Proud

So maybe this isn't exciting to anyone else but me, but I think Tibby is a rock star!! Check out this video! We struggled for SO LONG with this sequence our first time through Silvia Trkman's class. Ok not actually this sequence, because I made it a little harder for Tibby. If I do the same sequence over and over again she stops paying attention and just takes whatever jump she thinks should come next.

I think she is awesome :) Sure I would like her to be faster, but I think that will come eventually. I know she has the speed, she just doesn't use it (for good - LOL!).

It has been such a long road for us. Considering that 6 months ago I couldn't get her to do anything and I didn't know anything about agility - we're doing pretty good.

As always I had to (stupidly) watch someone else's video (why do I do that?!?). A 7mo BC can do the whole sequence perfectly and super fast. Pfffft. Whatever. Tibby's not a BC.


scotsmad said...

Border Collies are such show offs!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Loretta Mueller said...


Sagira said...

Way to go! You are correct speed will come with time and confidence that you build with each other. That is what we did with Sagira we focused on accuracy and knew that in time speed will come (and go and then come back again, haha)