Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Weaves Weeks Ago

I haven't posted any agility stuff for weeks and weeks!  Sorry.  Our ST class is on a 3 week break, but it will be back up and running next week.

I made this video of Tibby weaving on Nov. 9th.  Aaaaand that's the last time we worked on the weaves.  I'm hoping for some latent learning.  Actually I have been very busy with an agility related project.  In the video you can see my basement OR what it used to look like.  I ripped out three walls (2 were little walls).  The flooring is gone, the lights are gone.  It's a big empty space.  Starting tomorrow, things are going in - new lights, new floor, new walls and paint.

In the end I will have 65 sq yards (1 sq yd = 9 sq feet)of working space.    Speaking of which....when did carpet get SO expensive?!?!  It's ridiculous!  Good thing I know a guy.  However, shopping helped me realize what a great deal I'm getting.


Sagira said...

Great job working on your weaves! Weaves are my least favorite thing to do in agility.

Loretta Mueller said...


Great job not putting physical pressure on her!!! :)

Kari in Vegas said...

Great weaving!

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