Friday, November 25, 2011

Watch Me Now

Daily Dog Challenge - 11/20 - Good Dog or Bad Dog

Which one was your dog today, and why? Creative interpretation is always encouraged!

There is a glint in Tibby's eye that says, "Do I look like a little angel in the pure white snow?  Well, watch me now!!"  Then she takes a flying leap off of the deck and zooms around the yard.  Digs a dirty hole - snow's not so white after that!  Finally she barks, because she wants me to come out and play with her some more.  Bark, bark, bark!  Come OUT and play!!!

One of the other participants in the challenge asked, "So what was the final verdict?"
I explained, "Well, she wasn't good.....not her fault though. Today I heard myself saying, "We don't say the N.O. word to Tibby."
I've worked REALLY hard to get her to tug and someone was trying (very forcefully) to stop her from tugging. After the first lesson our agility trainer told me, "We need to work on making Tibby naughty!" Since then I've tried my best to let her be naughty! It's so hard, because she's just naturally good *insert eye roll* :D

Maybe I'm just weird, but the naughtier Tibby is, the funnier I think she is.  Lucky she has me!
She's actually a very good dog.  Although I don't know what other people think is a good dog.  She thinks for herself, which I like, but other people might not.


Loretta Mueller said...

NAUGHTY IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! I think one should admire that in a dog!

Sagira said...

Great pic. :)
Naughty dogs are a little fun (after it is over of course, haha)

Catalina said...

Yup! Naughty is great! Or at least VERY entertaining LOL!!

Like when Tibby helps herself to everything on the kitchen table. That's what the chairs are there for - right? Whoa! Did I teach her that trick?!? Yes, yes I did.