Thursday, November 3, 2011

For the Record

Is it normal for a dog that runs 5 miles every day to have a ton of extra energy?

 My parents are staying with me for the week and the last 2 mornings my Mom has been taking Tibby running with her.  Not that Tibby gives her a choice about it.  The minute she hears my Mom getting up (yesterday at 3:30am and today at 4:30am) she flings herself off of my bed.  I wake up and let her out of my room.  Tibby rockets into the living room and bounces off of my Mom.  Tibby only stops dancing long enough to let me to slip the harness on her.  She has to sit still or I won't put the harness on her.  She sits still, but her tail is going like a propeller.  The 3:30am wake up was my Dad's fault.  He thought he set the alarm for 4:30am, but he was wrong.  Getting up at 3:30am when you know that your alarm is going to go off in 1 1/2 hours?  And you just went to sleep at 12?  Priceless.

My Mom has arthritis, so I have to get up and put the harness on Tibby and attach the leash.  Then when they get back I unhook Tibby and check Tibby's feet.  So far it has been dry enough that she hasn't needed a foot bath after her run.  Even with her arthritis my Mom can run Tibby with the Wonder Walker.  Before the Wonder Walker she had a really hard time controlling Tibby, but now she can just hold the leash with one finger.

So anyway.....Tibby has been crazy!  She gets back from her morning 5MILE run and takes a little nap.  Then she is up for the rest of the day.  And that means running outside and wanting to do agility.  Zoomies.  Crazy playing.  Fun.  Just.......unusual.

For the record: after I posted this video + the RC video. 

Silvia said this: "Great!!! Your handing is getting great and her speed is definitely improving! Her speed when you run in to play agility at 0.18 is amazing, can you do more comings in like this? :) And yes, it’s good to change sequences anyway, I run things max. twice and then change at least something to keep them attentive to my handling. And yes, with thin planks, you need to make sure you support them well when you raise them as they bounce otherwise. Try supporting it on two places, that should solve the problem. It’s definitely not good to run her on a bouncy board, so it’s good you noticed it"

And then I said, "Good! I’m glad you also think we are getting better! :)
My usual pattern of playing is – run away and hide. Tibby ‘finds’ me and I yell rawr! Then I race her back to the agility equipment and do a sequence. Reward – sometimes I make her chase after me to get the reward. Then run away and hide. Repeat.
It doesn’t always work, because it can get Tibby very excited OR she might not be into playing and she won’t go find me! One thing is – It helps me to know how she is feeling.
My Dad said he would add 2 2x4s to either side underneath the board and that should stop the bouncing. So hopefully we will get that done tonight."


scotsmad said...

Those morning walks are just building up her muscles and stamina!!! 3:30 funny (for us who aren't involved.)

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Sagira said...

I bet Tibby is loving having your mom there to run with her. :)