Monday, November 14, 2011

Blue and Blue Too


Above is my entry in the Daily Dog Challenge for the "Rule of Thirds".  I had to go look up rule of thirds and even then I didn't know how to take a picture using it.  Basically (I think) you divide your picture up into a grid of 9 boxes - 2 vertical lines and 3 horizontal - and the focal points of the picture have to be on the line or lines.

So I took some pictures and they were yucky.  Ok maybe they had the rule of thirds? but the contrast was wrong, too dark, ect.  Soooo I finally figured out how to use the photo processing program on my computer.  Ta da!  Above picture.  Details in the branches, light patterns on the ground and Tibby's face all appeared.  Will this make me a better photographer?  I'm on the fence.  Before I had to do a good job of taking the picture and what you saw was what you got, but now I can fiddle with a so-so picture and make it better. 

I completed the challenge.

Below was my other picture.  I didn't get a chance to fiddle with it as much, but I liked it better, even though the horizon is crooked.  Or maybe because the horizon is crooked.  It draws the eye to Tibby.  All lines point to Tibby.   And I like how she blends into the ground, except for her pink collar.

"Blue Too"


scotsmad said...

We're still at aim and shoot!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

Sagira said...

Yep, I have heard my dad talk about the rule of thirds before.

Great pics. :)