Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Outta the Bag

Daily Dog Challenge - 11/15 - In the Bag

Be it the dog or something else... Use your imagination and creativity to have fun with this one!

Uh oh!  Tibby and Catty's friendship isn't a secret any more!  The 'cat's out of the bag' as they say.....only this time she isn't. 

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to photograph a cat and a dog sitting in a bag on top of a bed?!  It wouldn't have been so difficult if Catty would learn to sit and stay!  Catty kept jumping out of the bag.  I guess if I was 7lbs and a 20lb dog sat on my head, I would jump out of the bag too.  Now of course, she won't get out of the bag.  Cats!

And a few out takes for fun.  Behind the shoot!

Cute Tibby....and Catty is outta the bag!

Both in the bag....eating treats.  Camera?  Where?

Squinty eyes.  No. Happy.  Lemme' out!

1 comment:

Sagira said...

Isn't is supposed to be the CATS out of the bag, not the Tibby? haha. :)