Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tic Toc Thoughts

So our ST class started again.  I made a little video of us doing the sequence.  Hmmmm......Silvia suggested I try it with front crosses.  Oooo yeah, so much easier.  I was really concentrating on moving smoothly with Tibby.  That's my excuse!!  It's not the easiest thing, because I have to make sure she wants to keep moving and that I don't run into something.

We are also working on an extension/ collection exercise.  Or rather, I'm working on staying upright.  Apparently I can't stop and turn quickly!  It might have something to do with my shoes - they are worn down smooth from running around.  Everyone in class was very helpful....they suggested I start working out!  LOL!!  Ok, ok.  But can I just go do something with Tibby instead? 

Some things I have been thinking about:  I don't get the difference between a rear cross and a blind cross.  Why is the left side of the tunnel so bad and the right side so fun to run through?  Tibby will always pick the right side.  This video isn't a great example, because I was stupid and didn't use front crosses, but I tried it tonight again.  I can be standing pointing with my left arm at the left side of the tunnel and Tibby will take the right.  Repeat, but standing on the right, Tibby takes the right.  She goes through the right and I send her back to go through the left and she goes over to the right again. 
I have been watching a lot of agility videos (it gets dark super early and it's cold outside - don't judge!) and I have noticed that there aren't very many back sides of jumps or tight turns.  So why am I working so hard to teach Tibby cik/cap?  That is ALL we have worked on for a very, very long time.  TIC, TIC, TIC!!  TOC, TOC, TOC!!  And I still don't think Tibby gets it.  Every once in a while she surprises me and does a tight, beautiful turn.  And I guess she does jump closer to the jump upright.  I would like to make a winged jump.
That is all.

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Sagira said...

Wish I could offer to you some advice, but I don't actually run it with Sagira my husband does so he knows all the blind and rears and fronts, I just nod my head like I understand it all. :)