Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

So I was one of the people standing outside Target this morning or yesterday night or whatever.  My little cousin wanted to get a laptop and I took her shopping.  We ended up walking away without buying anything.  Yay for us!  The thing I hate about black friday is the pressure to buy RIGHT NOW.  I like to think about and compare things before I buy them.  I know there were some great deals and I'm happy for the people that were able to find them, but the things I want, they don't sell in Target.  When they start selling training seminars and agility equipment at Target - I will be the first in line. 

So after Target and a couple other stores where also didn't buy anything we went to Perkins for breakfast (it was like 2am).  So bizarre.  There were whole families with kids, mom,dad,grandma, ect. all sitting and eating dinner/breakfast - at 2am!  Weird.  I was having a very hard time staying awake by this time.  I had to work Thanksgiving day and had been up since 5am.  Work was crazy and I was coming up on my 23 hour without sleep.  I can usually go for a few days without sleep, but I'm sadly happily out of practice.  I once worked 36 hours straight without sleeping.  This is not a good idea, because the amount of empathy you can have for sick people goes down quite a bit when you are on the edge of falling asleep standing up. 

Tibby was happy to see us when we got home.  She thought it was very suspicious when we left in the middle of the night to go shopping. 
Then finally we got to sleep.

This afternoon I took my cousin to a movie.  We have a tradition where I take her to a movie on Thanksgiving afternoon.  I was on call yesterday, so we went today instead.  This was our SIXTH year!  We started doing this when she was six.  I can't belive how fast the time has gone by.  We saw the Muppets.  I'll bet it is a funny movie.  I don't know, because the sound on our movie didn't work.  It would work for 10 mins and then be out for 15 mins.  Work for 5 mins and then off for 5 mins.  Ect. ect. ect.  Well, we won't forget this year's Thanksgiving movie!!!  The silent movie.

In case you're wondering......Tibby had a nice day too.  She LOVES my cousin and Tibby got to show off all of her tricks to her. 

Tibby also learned that if someone leaves treats on the table and then leaves, it is easy to jump on to the table and eat the treats.  Next time she won't take the box of Kleenex next to the treats.  Finding shredded Kleenex in her bed made her look a little guilty. 

Fun day for everyone.
Except maybe the box of Kleenex.

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Sagira said...

You are brave to go out in the Black Friday crowds. We stayed in this year, I didn't really see any sales that I wanted.

Sounds like a great time. Traditions are great and sounds like you will have some wonderful memories. :)