Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nylabone Vomit

Well, at least I didn't post a picture of the actually vomit.  Apparently Tibby has been really going to town chewing on her nylabone in her crate.  My first clue was the sound of dog vomit hitting the bedroom's hardwood floors this morning at 3 am.  In the vomit there was bile, long strands of green grass and large hard chunks of nylabone.  This would be the answer to why she wasn't begging at my parent's house last night.  Or why she didn't want her bedtime fish oil capsule.
This nylabone is now in the trash.


K-Koira said...

Eek. My dogs get chunks off those nylabones way too easy to keep them around. Have you tried the Dino Bone ones? They come in two colors, but the dogs love them and they don't seem to have chunks come off as easily.

And good luck at your flyball class! Hope you guys have fun with it!

Anna the GSD said...

That is not good! We don't get anything tht is non-completely-edible cause mom freaks about stuff like that. We highly suggest Best Bully Sticks dot com. They has all kinds of wonderful, eatable chews. We like the bully sticks, trachea and cow ears!!

Hope your tummy is okay!